7 Ways Triple H Can Change WWE for the Future

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIMay 2, 2013

7 Ways Triple H Can Change WWE for the Future

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    Triple H is slowly but surely gaining more control of the WWE with each passing day en route to solidifying himself as the successor to Vince McMahon.

    While not everything that Triple H has done has worked out perfectly so far, such as signing Kharma or Sin Cara, it's safe to say that he's done far more good than bad for the company.

    Although Triple H is still a semi-active wrestler these days and is still learning how to run the WWE backstage, he's improved the company in a lot of ways in a really short span and only figures to continue doing so.

    But just because Triple H seems to be succeeding in his new backstage role, that doesn't mean it's time for him to let up.

    Triple H has to continue to improve the WWE and ensure that the company's future is safe in his hands.

    Here are seven ways that Triple H can change, or continue to change, the WWE for the future.

7. Retire Struggling Titles and Perhaps Bring Back Old Ones

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    The WWE definitely doesn't need more titles because it has enough trouble booking the ones it has.

    But if the creative team isn't going to put any effort whatsoever into a title, why even have it? Wouldn't the company be better off just getting rid of it?

    The first championship that comes to mind here is the United States Championship, which is nothing short of a joke these days and has become so devalued that hardly anyone cares about it anymore. That title could go away tomorrow, and I'm not sure anyone would even notice.

    Maybe Triple H can make that happen.

    The WWE obviously needs at least one midcard belt, so keeping the Intercontinental Championship and getting rid of the US title seems like a logical scenario that could make the former belt more important. Plus, it could also lead to a scenario where an old title is eventually brought back to replace the US Championship.

    While I'm not necessarily advocating that any certain title be brought back, wouldn't something like the Cruiserweight Championship serve more of a purpose than the US title?

    Triple H has to see all of the issues with the WWE's secondary titles, and assuming that he does, one easy possible solution he could come up with is to get rid of one of the belts and perhaps even replace it with another.

6. Revamp the Midcard

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    The main-event picture is where the WWE makes most of its money, but its the midcard and tag team divisions that usually groom the company's stars to eventually make it to the top of the card.

    Unfortunately, both the midcard and tag team divisions have been in shambles as of late.

    The majority of the recent United States and Intercontinental Champions have been booked like complete crap. Meanwhile, the tag team division is struggling mightily again after showing some serious signs of hope in 2012.

    Though it won't be the easiest task ever, revamping the midcard and tag team scenes should be one of Triple H's top priorities as he gains more control in the WWE.

    Obviously, the WWE needs to have a constant flow of new stars making an impact in the company, and one of the simplest ways to do that is by starting with the midcard and tag team divisions.

    That's where many of today's biggest stars got their starts and where tomorrow's biggest stars need to start in order to join them down the road.

    If Triple H can breathe some new life into two divisions that are getting closer to death by the day, then he'll be on the right path toward changing the WWE for the better.

5. Mend More Fences

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    For years upon years, the WWE was on bad terms with one of the greatest wrestlers and most important figures in the history of the business, Bruno Sammartino.

    But just a couple of years into the Triple H regime, "The Game" was able to mend the WWE's broken relationship with Sammartino and strike a deal to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Lord knows that there are a ton of great superstars who have had a strained relationship with the WWE over the years, and in many cases, those strained relationships have resulted from Vince McMahon's beef with whatever superstar is involved.

    Maybe Triple H can, like he did with Sammartino, mend all (or as many as possible) of the fences that the WWE (or the superstars) has broken over the years. 

    If so, we might be able to see many monumental moments we never expected to see, mainly a number of superstars finding their way into the Hall of Fame at some point down the road.

    Randy Savage, perhaps?

    While Savage being inducted into the Hall of Fame seemed next to impossible just a few short months ago, Sammartino's induction proves that truly anything is possible in the WWE, especially now that Triple H has taken over.

4. Focus on Building New Top Stars

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    The WWE is always looking to create new stars, but that, of course, is easier said than done.

    Over the last couple of years, we have only seen three or so up-and-coming stars reach the top of the company and stay there for the long haul: Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk and Sheamus. Beyond that, we've seen a lot of part-timers and a lot of John Cena in the main-event picture.

    As we know, though, the WWE absolutely must continue to create new stars if it wants to survive, and not just short-term stars who main-event for a few months before dropping back down the card.

    The WWE needs long-term top-tier superstars who can carry the company when the likes of Cena, Punk and Randy Orton can't do it anymore.

    If Triple H does nothing else with his backstage role, perhaps his biggest goal should be to ensure that he creates new major superstars who can replace the aging ones who may not be around in 5-10 years.

    The WWE cannot succeed if it doesn't continuously turn out superstars that people want to pay their hard-earned money to see. When Vince McMahon is gone, it'll be up to Triple H to make that happen.

3. Think Long-Term Rather Than Short-Term Success

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    When the WWE books its storylines and feuds on the fly, you can definitely tell.

    The storylines make no sense, the feuds seem forced or rushed, and generally speaking, anything that isn't planned out in advance isn't as good as the angles that are.

    That's why it's absolutely imperative that Triple H makes sure that he thinks long-term rather than short-term success.

    Short-term success, usually resulting from increased ratings and buyrates that stem from bringing in part-time stars, is OK. It's when short-term success is the top priority over long-term success that we have a problem, though.

    When Triple H and the WWE think long-term, like it has with The Shield or like it did with CM Punk's lengthy WWE title reign, look at what happens. The angles are better, and the company is setting itself up nicely for the future.

    But when the WWE thinks short-term, like it has with The Rock and Brock Lesnar at times, it is ultimately jeopardizing its own long-term future.

    We beg of you, Triple H: Please make the long-term future your top priority. It ultimately means much more than short-term success does.

2. Ensure That the WWE Network Is a Success

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    The WWE Network was supposed to launch in 2012, but we're four months into 2013 and it's still yet to take off.

    There has been no indication, however, that the WWE has given up on launching the all-wrestling channel. Whether or not it actually ever happens, though, is an entirely different story.

    There's so much that goes into producing content for and launching the WWE Network that the company jumped the gun on announcing that launch, and now, it's up to both Triple H and Vince McMahon to ensure that the network actually comes to fruition.

    Obviously, the WWE has invested a boatload of time and money into this project, so the last thing it wants to happen is for the network to fail.

    As Triple H gains more power from McMahon, he's going to feel more pressure to not only launch the WWE Network, but to ensure that it is a success as well.

    That, of course, is easier than done. After all, if it was so simple, the network probably would have launched by now.

    With so much invested into the network, it has to succeed. If it doesn't, the WWE is going to lose a lot of money, and that is obviously never a good thing.

1. Continue Improving Developmental

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    As you've probably noticed, heard or read somewhere, Triple H has made substantial improvements to the WWE's developmental organization over the last few years.

    He's re-branded FCW as NXT, given NXT a new TV home at Full Sail University, helped create the new performance training center in Orlando and brought up a bunch of NXT studs to the main roster.

    In his short stint in his backstage role so far, Triple H has done so many good things for NXT, which is, of course, the grooming grounds for the WWE's future stars.

    Without NXT continuing to grow and improve, the WWE's future would look considerably cloudier. But thanks to Triple H and all the improvements he's helped make, the future of the company looks incredibly bright.

    Every time Triple H does something that improves NXT and the WWE's developmental system, he changes the company's short- and long-term futures in a very positive way, which is something that can't be overlooked.

    We can laugh all we want about Triple H stealing the spotlight by continuing to wrestle, but let's not forget to praise him for the great things he's been doing with developmental and then hope that he continues to do so.


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