Liverpool FC: Selling Luis Suarez Would Be a Wise Decision

Nate KahnContributor IIIApril 28, 2013

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - APRIL 21: Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea talks with Luis Suarez of Liverpool as they walk in for half time during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield on April 21, 2013 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Michael Regan/Getty Images

There may be no more talented player in the English Premier League than Luis Suarez. The man is an absolute terror. For any defender, he is a nightmare to guard. His incredible combination of strength, size and speed makes him almost unplayable. Suarez seemingly never runs out of energy, as he is constantly making runs off the ball to get open. To top it all off, he is a prolific goalscorer around the net.

Why on Earth would any team think about selling a player like this?

Well, because there may be no more volatile personality in all of world football than Luis Suarez.

Suarez's antics have been well-documented. There was the incident with Patrice Evra, where he was found guilty of racially abusing the Manchester United left back. Then, the next time they met, Suarez infamously snubbed him during the pre-match handshake. Suarez has also been accused of simulation on a number of occasions, most notably by Stoke manager Tony Pulis. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers even admitted that the actions of Suarez were unacceptable.

Within the last month, Suarez has been involved in two more very controversial incidents. One included Suarez possibly punching Gonzalo Jara in a World Cup qualifier for Uruguay against Chile.

As appalling as all of these incidents were, they may not compare to his most recent display. Suarez was seen biting the arm of Branislav Ivanovic in a league match against Chelsea last Sunday. It was the second time in his career that he has been caught biting an opponent.


All of these incidents have contributed to a very poor record of behavior. There is no way to justify it. What possesses a player to bite someone, seemingly out of nowhere? And twice no less!

Suarez is a world-class talent, but also a world-class headache. If you are managing him, you never know what he will do at any time. He could go off at any moment. This unpredictability is enough to drive a manager crazy.

Suarez has been suspended multiple times, and that trend does not appear to be stopping any time soon. The lack of remorse that Suarez has demonstrated after these incidents shows that he still doesn’t get it. While losing the talent of Suarez would leave a huge void to fill, it would also remove a huge distraction.

Another reason why selling Suarez would be a wise move is because Liverpool could be better without him. I know that sounds shocking, but here is why. Suarez has had a wonderful season, scoring 23 goals in the Premier League and 30 overall.

Despite his play, Liverpool have only managed to get to seventh in the table and haven’t gone far in any cup competitions. They clearly need more than just Suarez. If the Reds could sell Suarez, they could get a huge fee for him in return (granted, his volatility could knock that price down). The money that they can get for him could help Liverpool fill out a more complete roster.  

Selling Suarez would be a very tough thing for Liverpool to do. It would be even harder to swallow, seeing him light it up on another club. However, at the end of the day Liverpool’s club will be better in the long run for doing so.


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