Jon Jones Badly Injured in Fight That Never Should Have Happened

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Jon Jones Badly Injured in Fight That Never Should Have Happened

UFC, I hope you are happy.
You booked a fight that had no real reason to be made, and after less than five minutes, you lost your light heavyweight champion and arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the game to a badly broken toe.

The injury will most likely sideline champion Jon Jones for a prolonged period of time. So, was the short-term gain worth the long-term pain?
I understand that it was easy to get caught up in the idea that there was going to be a big selling point behind this fight, that the animosity between Jones and Sonnen would bring monster pay-per-view numbers, and it may have, but it wasn't due to the fighters selling the fight in advance.
Sonnen did his best to generate some fire, but at this point his schtick plays out like a tired comedy act. Sonnen's lines are old, played out and mostly ignored. He's become the equivalent of the stand-up comedian who has only one set of jokes, and he's not afraid to roll them out over and over again.
As for the champion, it seemed like he couldn't have cared less about this fight.

Watching Jones during the lead-up to UFC 159, it felt like he was the employee who was going to give the minimum amount effort required while working on a task that his boss had ordered him to perform.
By the time Saturday night rolled around, many just wanted this farce to be over. As many had expected, it was over quickly and seemingly rather painlessly for the champ. Sonnen may have landed 38 strikes during the fight but only six of those were deemed significant strikes.
Jones' attack was a not-so-subtle lesson to Sonnen. He fought Sonnen in the style that Sonnen would have used on Jones had he had, you know, stood a chance in the fight. Jones pretty much out-Sonnen'd Sonnen.

The champ ignored the 10.5-inch reach advantage he had over Sonnen and fought a wrestling-and-clinch-based style that pretty much said, "Chael Sonnen, you don't deserve to be in the same cage as me."
The fight ended at the 4:33 mark of the first round after Jones unleashed strikes after taking Sonnen to the ground for the third time.
Jones looked fresh after the fight, like he could have fought again in a week or two when he began his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. The problem came for Jones when he looked down, saw that he was tracking blood around the cage and realized that the big toe on his left foot was, for lack of a better term, pretty jacked up.

So, now we'll have to wait for the 25-year-old champion, one of the most dynamic athletes in MMA to heal up after sustaining an injury in a fight that should have never occurred.
The idea of this fight was a joke from the start. I'm just wondering, who's laughing now?

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