Houston Texans' Post-Draft Wish List

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IApril 27, 2013

Houston Texans' Post-Draft Wish List

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    The Houston Texans spent the 2013 NFL draft filling holes both in their starting 22 and in their depth chart. While they mostly accomplished that, there are areas that could still be improved through free agency.

    Conversely, there are plenty of talented players who surprisingly went undrafted, and some of them would be great fits in Houston. Which players who did not get drafted should Houston target?

    Here are several players who could very well make the Texans roster, or at least make training camp interesting this season.

Matt Scott, QB, Arizona

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    How Matt Scott went undrafted, I don't know. He was one of the only athletic quarterbacks in the draft, he has a solid arm and he's someone who could become a quality backup behind Matt Schaub.

    He is a fast guy and can certainly scramble more than Schaub and T.J. Yates. In fact, his skill set may be better than what Yates has.

    If there's an undrafted free agent out there who could supplant a backup quarterback, why not give him a shot? He put up some nice numbers at Arizona, and while it's possible he's a system quarterback under Rich Rodriguez, he has the ability to warrant a look.

Kevin Reddick, ILB, North Carolina

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    Kevin Reddick, like Scott, is someone who fits perfectly as a depth piece for the Texans, and I was shocked he did not end up drafted at all.

    North Carolina is a school that has sent plenty of linebackers to the NFL in recent years, and Reddick should be able to follow that path. He has solid speed, and he was primarily used as a blitzer at North Carolina.

    Having that aggressive mentality could make him an asset in the front seven behind Brian Cushing. He's a bit one-dimensional currently, but with a year under his belt as a reserve, he could easily be a diamond in the rough as he rounds out his game.

Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union

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    On the surface, this may sound ridiculous. After all, Jasper Collins was a combine snub, played at Division III Mount Union and is not a guy who was on the radar of many.

    That being said, look at how the first two did. Pierre Garcon became a great wide receiver in Indianapolis and has looked good in Washington. Cecil Shorts has been doing well at Jacksonville as well despite the offensive issues there.

    If Collins is close to the production of his fellow schoolmates, then it's worth giving him a shot, especially if he helps break the logjam at wide receiver near the bottom of the depth chart.

Johnny Adams, CB, Michigan State

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    For all the players whom the Texans picked up, they did not add to their depth at cornerback. Johnny Adams, another surprisingly undrafted player, could easily fix that.

    Adams is the type of player who is very aggressive and will fly across the map. In fact, that aggressiveness may be why he wasn't drafted, as it can lead to penalties and won't be easy to rein in.

    However, if brought in, Adams can learn under Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph and turn into a nice cornerback, especially in zone coverage.

Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA

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    The Texans actually drafted a tight end at the end of the sixth round in Connecticut's Ryan Griffin, but I can't let the idea of Joseph Fauria to the Texans go—it just fits too perfectly.

    The big guy in the middle is someone who could easily receive passes from Schaub and be groomed by Owen Daniels and company.

    He's still raw and may very well end up on the practice squad for the first year, but his physical attributes are great enough that the Texans have to at least give him a shot.

Ray Graham, RB, Pittsburgh

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    Ray Graham is not someone who particularly stands out. He's a bit on the slow side and undersized as well, a bad combination for the NFL.

    However, he was a workhorse in Pittsburgh and knows how to move the ball across the field. He could be the special teams ace whom the Texans were attempting to find in the draft, and as long as he's cleared medically, he could be a force.

    Being behind Ben Tate on the depth chart to start off would not be a big deal, and if he takes command of the opportunity, he could even beat Tate out in due time.