How to Speed up the NFL Draft Process

CowboysPrideContributor IApril 25, 2009

Well, today (Saturday) the long-awaited event begins...and so does the agony of waiting and waiting for the Cowboys to "get on the clock."

Does this bug you as much as it does me? I think a few rules changes are in order concerning the draft. How about these, for instance?

1. When a team that is "on the clock" trades away its pick, on its next pick, that team is penalized the same number of minutes that it used before the trade.

2. Teams that "trade up" into the current selection have only 30 seconds to make their selection. After all, they traded up to get a particular player, right? Let's hear their pick!

3. When any team is "on the clock," television coverage MUST BE limited to coverage of their draft "war room." Let us SEE what it is that is delaying their selection!

4. Teams that DO NOT USE their full allotted time to make a selection automatically get one-fourth of the remaining time on the clock ADDED to their next selection time. That ought to speed up the process.

5. Finally (and with full prejudice), any team NOT having a star on their helmet will receive two minutes less clock time than the ones who do have that star on their helmet.

Anybody got any other ideas as to how to speed up the draft process?

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