The Infestation: The "Fallen Angel" Chris Cole

AkDSenior Writer IApril 25, 2009

The Infestation: Welcome to the world of Skateboarding, enter Chris Cole

In the world of action sports and skateboarding, athletes have to strive to make it just like the athletes who play the most prominent sports. Chris Cole was born on March 10, 1982 in the town of Statesville, North Carolina. In 1990, at the age of eight, Chris Cole made a decision that would forever alter his life. Cole wanted to be a professional skateboarder.

The 90's were a perfect time to get into skateboarding as it was slowly being resurrected and brought into the limelight again as it was lead by a slew of skaters that considered to be the golden age of skateboarding. There was Bob Burnquist, Bukey Lasek, Rune Glifberg, Chad Muska, and or course Tony Hawk.

Despite the odds of getting noticed, Cole went against the grain and reached for the stars. He wasn't your ordinary skateboarder, Cole was 6'1'' and 186 pounds. Some conisider it to be weird combination for a skateboarder, But Cole kept grinding sort to speak.

In 1993, Cole started competing in competitions at the age of 11. He would compete for seven more years until he turned pro in 2000. He would go on the prove his worth in Demo Skate Night in Washington D.C. Chris Cole's break would come when he entered the 2005 X-Games.

He participated in the skate street competition. Cole wanted to leave his mark, he was ready to show the skating world who is Chris Cole. The challenge was thrown and Cole accepted. Cole would go on to finish in 3rd place earning the gold medal.

His performance gained praise from some of greatest skateboards to ever skate including skateboard legend Jamie Thomas. Cole continue to shred the streets from California, Florida, and Pennsylvania practically skating all over the nation. He won competitions all over the nation and skated in tours as well.

Though his popularity and fan base was growing Cole was still nervous when he competes. Chris Cole also earned gold medals at the Gravity Games and best trick at Tampa Pro skating competition.

More victories would come in the likes of the Vans Downtown Showdown in L.A. and Hammers vs Bangers in Ohio. Thrasher Magazine would dub Cole the skater of the year in 2005.

He was featured in a 16 page spread in the June 2005 edition of Skateboard Mag. Fallen, a skateboard sponsor signed Chris Cole and his career took off once more to great heights. Soon Cole became the face of Fallen and was the first skater to have a signature shoe for the company.

Cole was featured in a slew of Fallen videos ranging from New Blood, Fallen Thunder, Rise With The Fallen, and Ride The Sky. He was even featured in the final part of the Zero or die video.

Cole went head to head with 19 other skaters around the country in an extreme no holds barred competitions and face offs that culminated with the King of the Road DVD.

He moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania a while after his marriage. 2006 would be the year for the man they call Chris Cole. His fan base was able to match those of the legendary skaters.

Many fans dubbed him Chris Cole the "Fallen Angel" for his gracefulness on the surfaces that he skates on. Skate legend Jamie Thomas continued to praise Cole and stated that Cole can skate on terrain whether it's a rail, a curb, a bank, a ditch, a ledge, a quarterpipe, and finished up with stating that Cole can do anything.

He won skater of the year for 2006 and he earned the honors with one heck of a year. His proudest moment came when he demented himself in X-Games history at X-games 12 in 2006, where he won the gold medal for best trick by landing a 360 Double Flip.


Chris Cole continues to skate today and continues to amaze. He's happily married. He went on to attempt a Tre-flip over three sets of stairs, which he landed after numerous attempts. You can view it here. In 2008, Cole went head to head with skate street prodigies Paul Rodriguez, and Ryan Sheckler.

X-Games Skate Street 2008: Session 1, Session 2Street Final

Did Cole take the gold? The Chris Cole Infestation has just begun.