Daniel Alfredsson Gets His Bell Rung by Mark Bell

Cody BelangerCorrespondent IApril 4, 2008

On Thursday, April 3rd, the Toronto Maple Leafs were host to the Ottawa Senators in one of the last games of the season for both teams.  The Maple Leafs tried to act as spoilers, attempting to upset Ottawa's chances to clinch a playoff spot for the 2008 postseason. 

However, after the Sens  took a 2-1 lead, Toronto's Mark Bell slammed Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson viciously to the head.

Although I'm not disputing that the hit was clean, there was little doubt that Bell's intent was anything but malicious.  At that point, the Leafs were losing the game and Bell, who has had an injury riddled season, simply wanted to leave a lasting impression and did so in a negative manner.

If that wasn't bad enough, a sick and twisted side of the Toronto fan base was revealed as the Ottawa captain lay motionless on the ice. The Air Canada Center erupted into cheers when it was apparent that Alfredsson was injured.  To make matters worse, the fans booed when Alfredsson got up several minutes later and skated off the ice unassisted.

As a hockey fan, I was disgusted.  As an Ottawa fan I was outraged.  No one can possibly wish for a player to be seriously injured in a hockey game.  So why the cheering and booing?  The ACC has seating for roughly 18,819 fans and last night most of those fans in blue and white exposed their true colours as classless hockey fans.