The Five Most Embarrassing Commercials To Watch with Your Daughter During the Game

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The Five Most Embarrassing Commercials To Watch with Your Daughter During the Game

I thought it was cool when I was a prepubescent boy curious about all things sex.

I thought it was cool when I was in college, watching the game with my buddies.

I even thought it was cool as a single guy in my early 20s.

Now I have a little girl that is counting on me to show her the way, and not only is it no longer cool, it is no longer tolerable.

Sports programming was always geared toward kids and was considered family programming when I was growing up. Watching the game with your Mom or Dad as a little tyke was an American rite of passage. It is how most of us learned the game, and even bonded with our parents.

Now, it seems to be geared more toward my generation. The one with the major Peter Pan complex. The one that won't grow up and realize it isn't all about them.

Frankly, I no longer feel I need to be entertained with adult themes and images 24/7. Can we quit it with the suggestive advertising already? My 5-year-old daughter is in the room, and I am trying to teach her how to not be a skank.

I know some of you are going to say, "Change the channel if you don't like it, you prude!"

Honestly, it isn't even about that. It is about letting my kid have a childhood. A childhood that includes getting to watch sports with her Dad, just like I got to do with mine.

I want to see sports programming become a sanctuary for family entertainment again, instead of gearing it toward the gambling degenerates at the sports book and frat kids on college campuses. They obviously have plenty of opportunities to get their porn on elsewhere.

Here are the top five commercials that I currently have to race to remote and mute every time they come on with my little girl in the room.

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