NFL Draft 2013 Compensatory Picks: Full List of Selections

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistApril 26, 2013

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25:  Eric Fisher (R) of Central Michigan Chippewas stands on stage with NFL COmmissioner Roger Goodell after Fisher was picked #1 overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 25, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Losing a top-flight free agent is devastating for the franchise burned by the departure of a star, but the spoils of that disappointment are often felt a year later in the form of a compensatory draft selection.

Each year the NFL awards 32 compensatory selections, which this year were divvied up among 16 teams. The compensatory process for the 2013 draft works to supplement the 222 standard selections in this year's field and are meant to help a team move on from the loss of a veteran player in free agency.

Under the rules of the compensatory system, teams are only eligible to receive picks if their departures outweigh their arrivals. The number of picks a team receives is dependent on how many "compensatory" free agents they lose in a particular offseason. Players are deemed "compensatory" free agents by the NFL Management Council, which considers contracts, playing time and other factors before making its decision. 

As such, there is a one-year delay on compensatory picks. Those teams awarded picks in the 2013 draft have been given those selections on the basis of their 2012 offseason. For instance, the Houston Texans received the top overall compensatory selection at No. 95 thanks to the Buffalo Bills' signing of Mario Williams. 

A team can have no more than four compensatory picks in any season, and the 32 picks are divvied up from Rounds 3-7. The Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons lead the way in this year's crop of picks with the maximum of four each, giving them critical ammunition to bolster their playoff rosters.

Though compensatory picks cannot be traded, they have historically given teams an increased ability to move around with their other selections. The San Francisco 49ers, bolstered in part by their compensatory picks, were one of many teams able to move up in this year's draft already. 

With the first compensatory picks about to be made in Round 3, here is a complete list of every selection for the 2013 NFL draft. 


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Round Team Pick No.
3 Houston Texans 95
3 Kansas City Chiefs 96
3 Tennessee Titans 97
4 Baltimore Ravens 130
4 San Francisco 49ers 131
4 Detroit Lions 132
4 Atlanta Falcons 133
5 Miami Dolphins 166
5 Green Bay Packers 167
5 Baltimore Ravens 168
6 Houston Texans 201
6 Tennessee Titans 202
6 Baltimore Ravens 203
6 Kansas City Chiefs 204
6 Oakland Raiders 205
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 206
7 Philadelphia Eagles 239
7 Cincinnati Bengals 240
7 Seattle Seahawks 241
7 Seattle Seahawks 242
7 Atlanta Falcons 243
7 Atlanta Falcons 244
7 Detroit Lions 245
7 San Francisco 49ers 246
7 Baltimore Ravens 247
7 Tennessee Titans 248
7 Atlanta Falcons 249
7 Miami Dolphins 250
7 Cincinnati Bengals 251
7 San Francisco 49ers 252
7 New York Giants 253
7 Indianapolis Colts 254