NFL Draft Order 2013: Team-by-Team Look at Day 3 Selections

Ethan Grant@DowntownEGAnalyst IApril 27, 2013

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 11:  Quarterback Ryan Nassib #12 of the Syracuse Orange looks to pass against the Washington Huskies on September 11, 2010 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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With two days of the NFL draft in the books, league officials, general managers and remaining players on the board will all be engaged to the final four rounds of the 2013 NFL draft on Saturday.

There's still playmakers to be had in the fourth round and beyond.

Two of the best QBs in this draft (USC's Matt Barkley and Syracuse's Ryan Nassib) are still around on the third day, which is quite amazing if you've been trying to keep up with the pre-draft rankings by many respected NFL personalities.

The fact that several marquee skill position players and defensive playmakers are still available as well is another indicator that players do fall through the cracks—even in the best football league on Earth. 

There are starters to be had in the final four rounds.Take a look below at where your team will be selecting in each round on Saturday as well as some prospects that you should keep an eye on.

*For a complete look at the remaining 2013 NFL draft order for Rounds 4, 5, 6 and 7, click here. For a recap of the first two days of the draft, complete with a list of every player chosen so far, click here.


Team 4th 5th 6th 7th
Arizona Cardinals 103, 110
140 174, 176 236
Atlanta Falcons 127, 133 163
NONE 243, 244, 249
Baltimore Orioles 129, 130 168 200, 203 238, 247
Buffalo Bills 105 143 177 222
Carolina Panthers 108 148 182 NONE
Chicago Bears 117 153 188 NONE
Cincinnati Bengals 118 156 190, 197 240, 251
Cleveland Browns 111 139 175 217
Dallas Cowboys 114 151 185
Denver Broncos 125 161 NONE 234
Detroit Lions 132 137 171, 187 211, 245
Green Bay Packers 109 146, 159, 167 173, 193 216, 224, 232
Houston Texans 124 160 195, 201
Indianapolis Colts 121 NONE 192 230, 254
Jacksonville Jaguars 98 135 169 208
Kansas City Chiefs 99 134 170, 204 207
Miami Dolphins 104, 106
135, 164, 166
NONE 250
Minnesota Vikings 120 155 189 213
New England Patriots 102 NONE NONE
226, 229, 235
New Orleans Saints 109 144 183
New York Giants 116 152 187 225, 253
New York Jets 106 141 178 215
Oakland Raiders 100 NONE 172, 205 209, 219
Philadelphia Eagles 101 136 NONE 210, 212, 218, 239
Pittsburgh Steelers 115 150 186, 206 223
St. Louis Rams 113 149 184, 198 NONE
San Diego Chargers 110 145 179 221
San Francisco 49ers 128, 131 157 180 227, 237, 246, 252
Seattle Seahawks 123 138, 158, 165
194, 199
214, 220, 231, 241, 242
Tampa Bay Bucaneers    112, 126 147 181, 196 NONE
Tennessee Titans 107 142 202 248
Washington Redskins    119 154, 162 191 228

*Numbered picks in each round are the overall selection, not the round-by-round number. Picks are subject to change based on Day 3 trades.


Day 3 Players to Follow Closely

QB Matt Barkley, USC/ QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

Although the teams that needed a QB were able to grab one during the first two days of the draft, there will still be a huge market for both of these guys on Saturday.

Consider teams with young starters like Tennessee, Minnesota and Cincinnati to maybe take a stab on QBs they like in the fifth or sixth round, because you can never have enough depth the in NFL under center.

Heck, even Indianapolis and Washington both picked two QBs in the 2012 NFL draft.

Look no further than Washington's use of Kirk Cousins after the Robert Griffin III last season injury to see that having depth at QB is more valuable than depth at any other position, even if that depth is often fleeting because of the pure talent.

Other options at QB on Day 3 include Oklahoma's Landry Jones, Arizona's Matt Scott as well as the two aforementioned prospects—both of whom were expected to be gone by Friday night. They are not, and that opens up an interesting situation for teams to start looking at taking a QB in Round 4.


RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

He's certainly not the best RB on the board, but Lattimore had the makings of a star when he first arrived on the scene in South Carolina.

Two knee injuries have severely depleted his draft stock, but as we've seen with a guy like Willis McGahee, the right amount of willpower and talent will overcome that issue and produce a good career in the NFL under the right circumstances.

As with the QB position, running back is a position that you need depth at to succeed.

From the two-back system taking over the league these days to the fact that this wasn't a standout draft for RBs, it's surprising to see that there are still some good backs (UCLA's Johnathan Franklin, for example) left as Saturday's Round 4 is set to begin.

Lattimore isn't high on that list, but in the right system with a chance to sit out the first year and get fully healthy, he would be a fourth or fifth-round steal.


OL Barrett Jones, Alabama

Jones' medical history must really be daunting, because his game on the field speaks for itself.

It is surprising to see Jones still available on Day 3, but that will change when a team looking to add depth to all three line spots takes him on Saturday.

Not the fastest or most athletic guy, Jones makes up for his flaws with an incredible football IQ and the ability to play all five positions on the line if necessary. There's teams that would be at a high premium for that kind of talent.

Look for San Diego, Buffalo and maybe even a team like Miami or St. Louis to be interested in upgrading their line with Jones.



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