Kofi Kingston and WWE's 7 Best Current Babyfaces

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 26, 2013

Kofi Kingston and WWE's 7 Best Current Babyfaces

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    Kofi Kingston will likely be a babyface with WWE for his entire career, and he should because he is the prototypical wrestling good guy. 

    He's pure, amiable and he's willing to take on any challenge. 

    Where does Kofi rank among the best of WWE's heroes? The man at the very top is no surprise, but former villains and rising stars make up the rest of WWE's top faces.

    Excluded from this list are the company's part-timers. The Rock, Undertaker and Chris Jericho are certainly popular, but they aren't a consistent part of the product.

    The company's best faces are ranked here based on how over they are, how much they make you want to root for them and how convincing they are as threats to WWE's villains. Their social media stats are tossed in to provide a quantifiable way to measure their popularity.

7. Kane

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    It seems strange that a sadistic pyromaniac is a face, but Kane has excelled in his current role.

    The contrast of his dark past to his more recent comedy segments makes him one of the more entertaining stars on the roster. Entertaining fans leads to popularity and acceptance as a good guy, regardless of one's macabre history.

    His long WWE tenure has earned him the fans' respect.

    Even with how popular he and Daniel Bryan are as a team and how well Kane has morphed into a credible WWE babyface, it's clear that The Devil's Favorite Demon is better suited for the dark side. His size, his intense look and his unbalanced nature all feel like heel qualities, but Kane has done well to use them in the name of good.

    The amount of Twitter followers is misleading. Kane has only tweeted once. It was an awesome tweet, but not using the Twitter machine more frequently translates to lower numbers than your popularity would suggest.


    — Kane (@KaneWWE) October 20, 2012

    Twitter followers: 84, 719

    Facebook likes: 2.4 million

6. Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio has exceeded initial expectations with his face run, but he isn't as over with fans as much as the men above him on this list.

    Treating his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, with respect and empathy rather than the disdain he did as a heel has made Del Rio more human and more likable.

    He's one of the better in-ring performers on the roster, but that hasn't translated to extreme popularity. The social media numbers aren't a definitive way to measure how much fans are connecting with someone, but in Del Rio's case, they bear out the truth. He's among the lowest in both categories among the top good guys.

    Maybe it's his accent or maybe it's just going to take more time, but Del Rio's momentum has appeared to stall. He has potential to be a big-time face if WWE is patient with him and his slowly increasing fanbase.

    Twitter followers: 195,188

    Facebook likes: 430,000

5. Kofi Kingston

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    The current United States champion has the proverbial infectious smile and a high-flying style that draws fans in right away. He's the typical wrestling good guy—honorable, resilient and reliable.

    He may never progress past his current midcard status, though, because he's not compelling enough on the mic and doesn't have enough of that difficult-to-define-but-easy-to-identify "it" factor.

    He's highly likable, but the lack of depth of his character gives fans less reason to root for him. A big chunk of his fanbase is kids and his bubbly personality and striking in-ring style will keep him popular with that group for the foreseeable future.

    Twitter followers: 824,914

    Facebook likes: 613,000

4. Daniel Bryan

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    Fandangoing may not last past the summer, but "Yes!" chants will likely be a WWE staple for years to come.

    Daniel Bryan has become one of WWE's most popular stars through his incredible ring work and fantastic comedy segments. Dr. Shelby's anger management sessions helped turn an under-appreciated star into a guy people roar for when he enters.

    If WWE decides it can look past Bryan's size, the company has a potential top face at the ready.

    With the right feuds and right stories thrusting him along, Bryan's versatility and wrestling acumen could have him rivaling John Cena and Sheamus in popularity.

    Twitter followers: 648,248

    Facebook likes: 347,000

3. Randy Orton

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    His look, his snarl and his predatory offensive style make him an ideal heel, but Randy Orton is still one of the most popular faces on the roster.

    Few guys make an arena echo with fans' screaming like Orton.

    He is in some ways more anti-hero than true hero, but that's not getting in his way of drawing in fans. He's a loner and a brooder, but he's made those more heel-oriented traits work for him as a face.

    Being so good at what he does now is probably part of the reason WWE has hesitated to turn him.

    Twitter followers: 2.1 million

    Facebook likes: 2.7 million

2. Sheamus

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    In a few short years, Sheamus has ascended as high as one can go as a WWE face before not being able to overtake the top dog.

    Check out the number of kids who dress up as Sheamus. Check out the raucous reactions he gets when he heads to the ring. If WWE is grooming Sheamus to become the next John Cena, it's doing a fine job.

    He emanates resiliency and his playful but aggressive approach is fun. Some may find his joking-hooligan style grating, but it's working, at least with certain younger portions of the populace.

    Twitter followers: 619,539

    Facebook likes: 1.4 million

1. John Cena

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    Even with the boos he gets in certain towns, even with the vitriol that is spit at him at times, John Cena is far and away the most popular WWE star today.

    He has found a niche, one where he appeals to the military, to kids and to casual fans, and he's thrived there. There's a reason WWE has given him so many title runs, why he seems to be a permanent resident on the top of the food chain. It's that he is so believable and so popular as a good guy.

    It's sometimes hard to remember Cena's run as a thug, even harder to imagine him being anything other than the company's boy scout. His corniness and his habit of shamelessly placating to the crowd makes him irritating to some but likable to millions of others.

    Twitter followers: 3.8 million

    Facebook likes: 14 million