Viral Video Breakdown: Mel Kiper Jr. Impression, LeBron James and More Videos

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 26, 2013

Viral Video Breakdown: Mel Kiper Jr. Impression, LeBron James and More Videos

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    Mel Kiper Jr. is so much better when he is actually Frank Caliendo, LeBron James is very demanding and we have a bevy of hot viral videos. 

    The NFL draft will soon come to a close, and with it the many hours of Kiper debating ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay. Well, we have a video that will last until the next round of ubiquitous mock drafts are published. 

    Aside from that, we have your usual collection of hilarious videos from a great week of sports to deliver. But if you have any that were left off, please feel free to toss them in the comments section below. 

    With that, we unwrap this glorious collection of beautiful moments that made the week so tolerable. 

Frank Caliendo Is a Perfect Mel Kiper Jr.

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    Anyone out there trying to form the perfect Mel Kiper Jr. impression, give up. Frank Caliendo nailed it and we now have this video to get us through the rest of the offseason. 

    Bonus points to Todd McShay for providing superb acting skills. Jimmy Fallon would have busted up laughing in the first minute. 

    More Information: Frank Caliendo Does a Great Mel Kiper Jr., Picks Fight with Todd McShay

Gareth Maybin, Ladies and Gentlemen

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    This golf trick-shot video has everything: ball juggling off the club, smashed shots off a buddy's mouth and a sweet Cults track. 

    Somehow I don't think I would be as successful to get a friend to let me tee up off of his grill. 

    More Information: Gareth Maybin's New Golf Trick-Shot Video Is Insanely Cool and Dangerous

NFL Draft Fans Love Imaginary Prospects

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    This video proves fans will say just about anything, even if they have no idea what they are talking about. 

    A reporter asks a bunch of fans what they think about potential NFL players that are completely fake, and they all proceed to fawn over each one. 

    A round of applause is in order to the lone soul who caught on immediately at the end of the video. 

    More Information: Fans at 2013 NFL Draft Fall in Love with Players Who Don't Exist


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    Add three-legged alligators to the potential hazards looming at this week's Zurich Classic. The truly remarkable aspect of the video is all the bystanders going about their business as if this was the most natural occurrence in golf. 

    More Information: Alligator Takes over Zurich Classic; No Golfers Harmed in Making of This Video

Michael Wilbon vs. the Internet

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    If it's connected to the Internet, Michael Wilbon won't touch it. 

    Bill Simmons captures the tag-team effort needed for Wilbon to fill out his NBA ballot over the Internet. Perhaps he might be more comfortable if they were using dial-up service. 

    More Information: Michael Wilbon Needs Help Inputting NBA Ballot into Newfangled Computer Machine

Ryan Lochte's 'Pool Water' Is as You Would Expect

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    Fear not, Ryan Lochte is much the same as we remember. Here is his Funny or Die video where he stuffs as many "I certainly pee in the pool" jokes that he can muster. 

    It's all done with the impeccable delivery that we have come to expect from the famed swimmer. 

    More Information: Ryan Lochte Wants You to Smell Like 'Pool Water' and Possibly Other Stuff

LeBron James Doesn't Mess Around

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    Oh, LeBron James is going to collect on his 20 push-ups. 

    Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers had the misfortune of losing a three-point contest to James. After the loss, they had to drop to the floor and give the King his 20.  

    More Information: LeBron James Demands Push-Ups from Bested Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers

Your 'Humanity Is Wonderful' Moment of the Week

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    Drew Bonner has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which forced him to quit the sport he loved when he was 11. Thanks to his team, he got one more at-bat during a special "Drew Bonner Night."

    Try to make it through the part when the opposition greets him at first without getting a little misty. Yeah, didn't think so. 

    More Information: Baseball Student Manager with Muscular Dystrophy Honored with At-Bat

Kevin Harlan Seems to Enjoy This Dunk

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    When Chris Andersen went for this slam dunk, I will wager he had no idea he was about to welcome a Kevin Harlan meltdown. 

    The TNT commentator losses it in beautiful fashion. 

    More Information: Chris 'Birdman' Andersen's Dunk Causes Beautiful Kevin Harlan Meltdown

Chris Bosh WTF Video of the Week

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    It's best not to consider why someone would create this kind of video, even for the Borscht Film Festival. It's also best not to contemplate what any of this means. 

    Just sit back and watch Chris Bosh battle an evil sorceress with the aid of his trusty wolfman. If you do have questions after that, welcome to the club. 

    More Information: Chris Bosh, Evil Sorceress and Wolfman Feature in Wild Multiverse Adventure

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