Buffalo Sabres Sharpen During off Season

John CronynContributor IApril 4, 2008

As many devoted Sabres fans get ready for a prolonged off season, the team itself is only looking forward. 

Sabre forward, Maxim Afinogenov, stated briefly after the teams loss in Montreal, "Puck move, find player, ice cold, where to go?" 

A stunned press core laughed uncomfortably.

Coach Lindy Ruff said, "Who the heck knows what he's saying, going, shooting at?  But geez, he sure does it fast." 

An unnamed source also reports that GM Darcy Regier was sighted in Fort Erie, Ontario trying on golfing slacks. 

The attendant in the shop was quoted as saying, "It really doesn't matter what we put out, they just put it on and buy it.  If they are willing to look dorky, at least they pay well for it." 

Darcy was unavailable for comment.  In that case we had a ticket taker at HSBC arena as the highest ranking Sabre official willing to speak about off season plans.

Dan Stutek said, "You can't smoke in here, if I catch you again, I'll boot ya."  Sabretooth, team mascot was still being held for eating an outraged Ottawa fan, but was scheduled for a parole hearing that his lawyer claimed that because it was only a minor infraction, in Buffalo, so he seemed to be upbeat about an early release. 

Plans for the team resigning goalie Ryan Miller, coming into his last year of his current contract were going well, and the Sabres plan on losing his services by the end of next year, or by the trade deadline, at the earliest.

All things being equal, I'd rather Summer in Montreal, keep the faith, and as always...Hockey, Hockey, Hockey.