Analyzing Ryan Nassib's Best Fits on Day 2 of 2013 NFL Draft

John RozumCorrespondent IApril 26, 2013

Ryan Nassib directing traffic.
Ryan Nassib directing traffic.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Round 2 of the 2013 NFL draft will be incredibly appealing to watch because the dual between Ryan Nassib and Geno Smith will draw much attention.

With Smith not going in the first round, despite being considered this class' top quarterback, we cannot shun the idea of Nassib going earlier. The guy came from an offense that ran more of a pro-style set than at first glance, which enhances Nassib's marketability.

To that end, let's check out the teams who could use his ability when Round 2 kicks off.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville's quarterback situation continues to be flaky at best.

Blaine Gabbert is still young, but he was a far reach when selected by the Jaguars in 2011. Nassib on the other hand, is much less of a risk early in the second round.

For one, the Jags must continue relying on Maurice Jones-Drew and the ground attack to punish defenses inside. Nassib's experience under center complements this aspect well, because he proved to set up nicely on play fakes and remain in the pocket.

So, he's backed by a good running game to then survey any coverage. And although Nassib provides the arm strength to launch downfield, Jacksonville's receiving targets of Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts and tight end Marcedes Lewis will get nice yards after the catch.

Factor Nassib's willingness to read his progressions from the pocket and that helps the Jaguars field consistent balance in 2013.

Arizona Cardinals

The long-term future under center in Arizona has to rest on the shoulders of a rookie.

That said, Nassib's a great fit for the Cardinals because they field one of the NFL's most athletic receiving corps. Larry Fitzgerald is still among the best around and he's paired with solid complements in Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd.

From an all-encompassed perspective, Arizona's options are much better than Jacksonville's. The downside is playing in the defensively-tough NFC West. San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis each present a strong pass rush and reliable coverage to isolate one-on-one.

This is where a quarterback of Nassib's talent will greatly benefit the Cardinals. He knows how to look off a safety, supplies the arm to stretch the field and possesses excellent pocket patience. A signal-caller can't get happy feet in this division, otherwise offensive production will significantly struggle.

Arizona also needs a prospective quarterback in Nassib to help set up the run. The Cardinals were ridiculously weak in the trenches last season, but Nassib throwing downfield will open up the front seven for Jonathan Cooper to pave nice lanes.

Philadelphia Eagles

Don't underestimate the overall athleticism of Nassib.

The guy moves impressively well outside of the pocket, whether it's for sprint outs, bootlegs or waggles. He's also used to taking a good number of snaps from the shotgun, and Philadelphia's approach with Chip Kelly needs a guy that will confidently attack a defense downfield.

Nassib is even a sound decision-maker by connecting on 62.4 percent of his attempts between 2011 and 2012. For his final three college campaigns he tossed 67 scores to only 27 picks and was sacked just 16 times last season.

Factor the Eagles having selected offensive tackle Lane Johnson in Round 1 and it's a well-suited addition. Johnson's ability to seal the edge will allow Nassib time to dissect a defense. Plus, he helps establish a much more effective ground game.

Even with time Michael Vick would still try to impact by using his feet.

The Eagles have the offensive skill set to let Nassib quickly develop, too. The potential balance will simply keep defenses honest after slamming with LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown.