Debate: Grade New England's 1st-Round Draft Trade

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Debate: Grade New England's 1st-Round Draft Trade
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With the Patriots trading their 1st-round draft pick for the Vikings'  2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th-round picks, what grade would you give New England?


Agree with someone's comment? Vote for it to make the Debate Highlights section. Disagree with a comment? Reply and voice your opinion. Happy Debating!

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A+ Came in the draft with 5 total picks end up with 9 picks and can still get the person they target at the top their draft bored Great Move by Belich...
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It's an A+. Not only did the draft board shake out the way it did, leaving numerous starter-quality wide receivers, cornerbacks, and defensive ends in...
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I like it. This draft is big on depth and lacked in 1st round elite talent. Players they could have gotten at pick 29 will not be much better than w...
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B, Seriously, the value of those four picks together doesn't match the value of pick 29, we could have drafted Patterson, who was projected to go on t...
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Grade: C - I' m sorry but quantity never trumps quality. There were plenty of good value and character guys at 29. Teams like the Bills or KC need q...
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I hate this trading down for value. It doesn't work we get crappy players when we do this. All the talent is in the first round. Getting kind of sick ...
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