7 Players Seattle Seahawks Should Target on Day 3

Todd Pheifer@tpheiferAnalyst IIIApril 27, 2013

7 Players Seattle Seahawks Should Target on Day 3

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    The Seattle Seahawks still have some work to do in the NFL draft.

    They have a new defensive tackle (Jordan Hill, Penn State) and a new running back (Christine Michael, Texas A&M). Who is next?

    Day 3 is arguably a time to start looking for players that were not necessarily hyped on all of the mock draft boards. You may pick your favorite cliche.

    Diamond in the rough. Under the radar. Sleeper pick.

    Regardless of how you label these prospects, the third day of the NFL draft is where a team like Seattle builds depth and proves that player evaluation is the key to constructing a successful team through the draft.

    In past years, the Seahawks have found players like Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor on the last day.

    Who will they find this year? Here are a few ideas about players that the Seahawks could target in the later rounds.

Trevardo Williams, Outside Linebacker, Connecticut

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    The Seahawks still need an outside linebacker, either to start or be a backup for Malcolm Smith. There were certainly some fans that assumed Seattle would address this need with their second- or third-round picks.

    Not so much. Try running back and defensive tackle.

    There are still some quality linebackers available, and one is Trevardo Williams from Connecticut. Williams is fast, strong and may be a very good fit for the Seahawks.

    The fourth round may be a good time to grab Williams if Seattle is going to make this move.

Denard Robinson, Wide Receiver, Michigan

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    Project time.

    Denard Robinson made a career as a running quarterback at the University of Michigan. Can the talented athlete become a wide receiver in the NFL?

    Plenty of teams are going to think about giving Robinson a shot, as speed and ability are always desirable when you are talking about wide receivers and potential kick returners.

    he question is whether teams are willing to commit a mid-round pick, or wait to see if Robinson keeps falling.

    Someone will pick up Robinson and his unlaced shoes. The only question is, when?

Lawrence Okoye, Defensive Tackle

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    Can you say raw talent? Lawrence Okoye has literally appeared out of nowhere, and is creating a buzz around the NFL because of his unique physical gifts.

    Do you draft a guy who has never played football? Experience is certainly a valuable commodity, and there are mental subtleties to the game that go far beyond athletic talent.

    Okoye would be a project, but an interesting one at 6’5” and 304 pounds. There is reportedly more than one team (via NBC Sports) that is interested in the British discus thrower.

    Plenty of NFL people will watch with curiosity to see where Okoye lands.

Nick Kasa, Tight End, Colorado

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    Do the Seahawks desperately need another tight end? Not exactly.

    However, Zach Miller is not going to be around forever. His large contract may eventually be a cap casualty.

    In addition, Anthony McCoy is serviceable, but not particularly great on the other side. The Seahawks might think about developing an upgrade.

    Enter Nick Kasa, who had a solid career at Colorado. He is a big body at 6’6” and 269 pounds, which means that he may do well as a pass-catcher and a blocker.

    If Kasa is around at an appropriate round, the Seahawks might take a look at adding a Buffalo to an already talented offense.

Luke Marquardt, Offensive Tackle, Azusa Pacific

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    Do the Seahawks need another offensive lineman? That has certainly been the opinion of many fans who are not impressed with the right side of the line.

    Marquardt went to the same small school in Southern California that produced Christian Okoye many years ago. At this point, Luke may not be on the radar of a lot of NFL teams.

    At 6’8” and 315 pounds, perhaps he should be.

    At the combine (via NFL.com), Marquardt did 31 reps on the bench press. The best amongst offensive linemen was 36. Marquardt is noted for his quick feet and agility. This may fit very well with a quarterback like Russell Wilson, who will sometimes take off running.

    This may be the type of player that catches the eye of John Schneider and Pete Carroll. They have picked relatively unknown guys before.  

Marquess Wilson, Wide Receiver, Washington State

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    The Seahawks traded for Percy Harvin, and he effectively became their first-round draft pick. Do the ‘Hawks need another receiver?

    What the Seahawks do not have is a bevy of tall receivers that can play on the outside and go up for the jump-ball. This makes Marquess Wilson a semi-intriguing athlete at 6’3” and 194 pounds.

    Granted, Wilson did leave Washington State under, shall we say, unfortunate circumstances. Whether that was a case of Wilson or the school behaving badly, Seattle might be willing to spend a late-round pick to get another offensive weapon.

    Of course, the Seahawks might also wait and see if a guy like Wilson goes completely undrafted.

Collin Klein, Quarterback, Kansas State

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    The thing about predictions is that they are sometimes, well, just plain wrong. In general, the story on Klein is that he is a great athlete, but he does not necessarily have the arm strength or accuracy to be an NFL quarterback.

    Why not let Klein come in and compete for a backup job? It isn’t like Brady Quinn, Josh Portis and Jerrod Johnson represent a definitively reliable insurance policy if Russell Wilson were to go down.

    Who knows? Perhaps the Seahawks could find another quarterback gem in the NFL draft and eventually trade him for a better pick.

    Is Klein worth a seventh-round pick? There is one way to find out.