WWE Pay Per View Previews: Backlash

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WWE Pay Per View Previews: Backlash

We are now almost 48 hours away from Backlash. To honestly tell you, I could care less about this event as it is a bunch of recycled WrestleMania matches. The one thing that intrigues me is the factor of predictability in this pay per view.

At WrestleMania, everyone had a good feeling that Cena, Triple H, and Undertaker would all walk away with the win but some matches intrigue me. But without further ado, my Backlash predictions

Match #1- Money In the Bank Retribution- CM Punk vs Kane

Umm, Ok. I guess the point of this match is that Punk kicked Kane off the ladder at Money In the Bank to win the match? I really don't like this as there has been no real build up for this and I also question how enjoyable it will be to watch.

I really don't think that these two have chemistry and they have had no hype for this except for a throwaway match on RAW and two meaningless tag matches on Smackdown and WWE Superstars. I just hope they put the briefcase on the line, as it would provide an extra boost to the storyline. In the end, this is a hard one to call, but if the briefcase is on the line Punk will win, but seeing that it will probably not be on the line, I think Kane will win.

Predicted Winner: Kane in a 10 minutes match

Match #2- A Bout for Respect: Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat

Thank God it's Steamboat and not Snuka. I think these two kind of ended this at WrestleMania. They may still have problems with each other, but it was thrown together with one week's build up as there were no signs of Jericho even talking about Steamboat in weeks.

Anyways, I see this as a decent match as Steamboat still has some gas left in the tank. This is still kind of a put together at the last second. This is also kind of hard to predict, because if this is Steamboat's last match, I see Steamboat going over, but on the other hand, I can't see them making Y2J look weak on his way to Smackdown. So in the end, this will be a short match, were Jericho will win.

Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho in a 15 minutes match

Segment- Khali Kiss Cam featuring "Santina" Marella

I guess WWE.com felt this was a needed to be on the "official" match card. Honestly, I really don't want to see two men making out in the middle of the ring (I'm not prejudice, it just is not meant for wrestling). This is just unnecessary and I unfortunately see Santina/o making out with "Wrestling's Worst Commodity"

Predicted Winner: Nobody, as I feel that no one wants to see Khali or Santino on PPV, especially when they are supposed to make out with each other. This will be a big waste of ten minutes on something we are paying money for. (I won't)

Match #3- ECW Championship Match: Jack Swagger (c) vs Christian

Well this match also intrigues me. On ECW, they actually made their one on one title match interesting with the Championship Chase and then the contract signing. I see Swagger making a name for himself by giving a great match with the always reliable, "Captain Charisma."

I think Swagger will have a great match as will Christian, but I see Christian finally winning gold (silver) in the WWE. I really cannot see Christian lasting a whole year on ECW, so I see him winning and holding it for about four months. This will be a good match where Christian will be victorious.

Predicted Winner: New ECW Champion, Christian in a 15 minutes match!

Match #4- I Quit Match- Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

Before I say anything about this match, I must say that it has been a major bust. We've had some decent matches, but some lackluster build up. Also, an I Quit is one of the most brutal matches in WWE, so if they plan on making this good, we need to see some blood. Are they trying to fool kids by saying, if you hit your best friend with a chair, that he won't bleed?

If they don't allow blood, then this is a bust in general and I don't care, but if they do, I see some brutal moves done by both brothers, but I do see Matt going over.

Look, they want to make Matt look credible as a heel and due to the rumors of Jeff's recent contract status, they might do this to get Jeff off television until he signs a new deal (if). There are a lot of factors heading into this. Do they want Matt to beat Jeff three times straight? Or do they want Jeff to finally beat his brother. But in the end, I do see Matt going over as they usually have the heel win. We all thought Rey would beat Chavo didn't we? The faces usually always lose (except John Cena) so there is just another factor. Hopefully they show some blood.

Predicted Winner: Matt Hardy in a 25 minutes match

Match #5- World Heavyweight Championship, Last Man Standing: Edge vs John Cena (c)

Here we go kids! Cena/Edge Round 10,000! But in all seriousness, this looks to be a very promising match. These two have such a great history and during their feuds, I have always grown a little more fond of John Cena.

These two are so great in the ring and this is hopefully the end to one of the greatest fueds in five years in the WWE. This one also has me thinking about many different factors.

First of all, Smackdown needs a World title, but on the other hand, Cena just won it a month ago. Then again, there is still Mr. Money In the Bank on Smackdown. This all confuses me, but my theory is that either Cena retains and Punk cashes it in, or Edge wins and Punk uses his Money in the Bank contract at Judgement Day, which is rumored.

In the end, I do somehow see John Cena winning. After all, he did just win the belt and Edge has the momentum, which means he is the likely one to lose.

Predicted Winner: John Cena in a 35 minutes match.

Main Event- WWE Title 6 Man Tag Match: Legacy vs Triple H (c), Batista, and Shane McMahon.

This match may confuse and intrigue me the most. I think we will see either Shane McMahon or Batista turning on Triple H, by leaving or getting himself disqualified. In the end though, Randy Orton will walk away with the WWE Championship.

There is just no way that Team Triple H will not work together. The stipulations kind of scream TNA. Also Rhodes and DiBiase will be fed to Batista and Shane, so the only way I see Triple H retaining is to have Batista get the pin and they start a feud over who deserves the belt. But I just don't see that happening as Batista is so over as a face.

Randy Orton really needs the win, but I explained that in one of my other articles. I could even see Shane taking the pin from Orton on purpose. But I do see Shane turning and somehow helping Orton get the pin.

Predicted Winners:New WWE Champion Randy Orton and Priceless in a 30 minutes match.


Overall, I find this card lackluster, but that is really what Backlash it. I see Cena and Edge having a great match, Christian vs Swagger will be decent, and the 6 man looks good.

Though I see disappointment in the Hardy match with a lack of color as well as well as the rest of the card. So I recommend against buying this pay-per-view.

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