Arian Foster Lands Big Role in Upcoming Kevin Costner Film 'Draft Day'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

Arian Foster is making as many moves in Hollywood as he does on the field. The Houston Texans star just landed what is being called a "prominent" role in the new Kevin Costner film, Draft Day

State of the Texans spotted the following tweet from NFL Network's Rich Eisen that guarantees we will see a great deal more of Foster in the near future. 

Eisen is referencing Miami Heat guard Ray Allen's role in Spike Lee's 1998 movie He Got Game, wherein he played Jesus Shuttlesworth. While we have to note that Allen is still actively playing in the NBA, it's good to remember that this was his only other acting role as a major character other than the 2001 movie Harvard Man.

With that, we can temper our expectations that Foster is set to become the biggest athlete-turned-actor of all time.

Now, there isn't much known about this movie that is set to release sometime in 2014 other than the fact that Costner will play the part of a general manager. Also, the movie, which was supposed to take place in Buffalo, has now been moved to Cleveland

If you are looking for further sports ties, the movie's IMDB page promises to feature Chadwick Boseman in the film. Boseman played Jackie Robinson in the popular film, 42

Still, we commend the star Texans running back for making the most out of a small role. At least, that's what seems to be the case. 

As State of the Texans reminds us, Foster last acted as himself in a cameo role on the CBS show, Hawaii Five-O. If you want to check out the man's chopsas well as his idea of a fake punchtake a look at the footage at or the promo below. 

Of course, he performed beautifully in Bleacher Report's fantasy football series Fantasize Me

Kevin Costner, for his part, is taking time out from making baseball movies to delve into another sport. The actor/director featured in Field of Dreams, For Love of the Game and Bull Durham. Draft Day will be his first major foray into another sport since 1996's Tin Cup

The 26-year-old Foster has worked his way to becoming one of the best running backs in the league, garnering over 1,400 rushing yards while running for 15 touchdowns in two of the last three years. 

Now, he is going big-time in a completely different venture. Forget the locker room, the man is about to have his very own actor's trailer. 


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