Victor Martinez Runs off the Field to Avoid Collision at Home Plate

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

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Victor Martinez is back in the game, and he’s not about to risk sitting out again.

Martinez was on his way towards running in a long score but some brilliant fielding caused the Tigers designated hitter to take the path of least resistance during Wednesday night’s game between the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals.

Taking off from second base on a Johnny Peralta double, the Tigers designated hitter rounded third and appeared to have a clear shot at making it to home plate. Unfortunately for Martinez, the Royals’ Jeff Francoeur fielded the ball cleanly and threw a bullet from right field to a waiting Sal Perez at home plate. 

Seeing his chance for a clean run disintegrating, Martinez put on the breaks and steered clear of the base path to avoid Perez, who had turned to brace for a collision at home plate. The Tigers slugger then took a quick off-ramp exit and ran off to the dugout. 

Having sat out the 2012 season with a torn ACL, the Tigers catcher told reporters that he avoided the tag because he didn’t want to do something brash and end up sidelined again this year. 

“Trust me, it was a really long year for me last year, so I wouldn’t do anything stupid,” Martinez said. Tigers Manager Jim Leyland backed up Martinez’s decision to steer clear of the situation.

“He did absolutely the right thing,” Leyland said to reporters. “It was one of those deals where as a third-base’re saying that with two outs, take a chance. If he throws it off line, Victor scores." 

Granted, Martinez has had some interesting run-ins with catchers before, albeit with better results.

Also worthy of noting, is Martinez’s uncanny ability to injure himself. The Tigers have already had to sit their star player earlier this month after he cut his thumb on a bat rack.

The lesson here? “Don’t be a hero.”

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