Jimmy Wang Yang MIA: Has SmackDown! Forgot About Him?

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

Hello Friends, Peers, Newcomers, & Veterans! It is time for another edition of "WWE MIA"!

Today, our main question is: Where is Jimmy Wang Yang? You would expect to see him on Friday Night SmackDown!, but lately he hasn't been on television.

Instead of writing out all the possible questions, I have formed a (much) easier way to ask them.

I present you: V.I.R.D.M? V.I.R.D.M? stands for Vacation? Injury? Release? Dark Matches? Let me know what you think (Keep in mind this is just an idea).

Now to our main focus, the last time I remember seeing Jimmy Wang Yang was on SmackDown! in a match against "the Moscow Mauler" Vladamir Kozlov. He was killed!

Here's another question: Can't WWE give him a opportunity to prove himself? I know, and i'm sure that you know, Jimmy Wang Yang is a great athlete!

Also, if given the chance, Wouldn't he just shine on ECW? I think that would garner some more popularity and sooner or later he would return to SmackDown!.

I've seen him in the ring, and he can wrestle just as good (or better) as the next cruiserweight. He deserves a push!

Maybe that's just my opinion, but Jimmy Wang Yang is valuable to Vince, some way or another.

I have also heard that he failed a lot of drug tests within the WWE Wellness Policy. Maybe, just maybe, Vince had it to here *gesturing to forehead* with him.

I just know that the fans love him, and he's a great performer. He deserves more, but, hey, you never know what the future holds...

I've presented my case, and some hard-hitting questions, so now i'm telling you, the reader, What Do You Think?

I'd love to hear your take whether you love or hate him, comments are always welcomed, and feedback is encouraged and appreciated.