Alec Lemon: Video Highlights for Former Syracuse WR

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IApril 26, 2013

Alec Lemon: Video Highlights for Former Syracuse WR

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    Alec Lemon was one of Ryan Nassib's favorite targets during their careers at Syracuse. 

    In 2012, the 6'1'', 202 pound wideout caught 72 passes for 1,070 yards with seven touchdowns. 

    There were times in which his hands failed him, but mainly, he was extremely reliable over the middle and down the field for the Orange. 

    Here are some of the top plays of Alec Lemon's career.    

Reception and YAC vs. Missouri in 2012

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    On this play, Lemon, lined up on the left side of the formation, ran a deep dig to the inside. 

    Quarterback Ryan Nassib hit him in stride, and Lemon immediately turned upfield. 

    The Missouri defensive back attempted to bring him to the turf, but the Syracuse wideout dragged him another ten yards.

Tough Reception vs. Missouri in 2012

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    On this play, Lemon was sent down the seam from the slot, and Nassib delivered a back-shoulder throw. 

    Lemon had a step on the Missouri nickelback but had to adjust to the ball in mid air. 

    He came down with the ball on a big third down. 

Touchdown vs. Louisville in 2012

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    The route combination on the far side of the field helped Lemon to get open in the end zone. 

    As the pass approached, Lemon was forced near the sideline. 

    He snatched the football and had the concentration to keep his feet in bounds. 

    Touchdown, Syracuse. 

Touchdown on Double Move vs. Louisville in 2012

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    Lemon started in the trips formation on the far side of the screen on this play and executed a simple hesitation move which allowed him to get behind the Louisville defensive back. 

    After he caught the pass from Nassib, Lemon broke to the inside and strolled into the end zone. 

Reception in Tight Coverage vs. Rutgers in 2012

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    From the slot, Lemon ran a quick slant, and the pass was thrown his way with a Rutgers cornerback in tight coverage. 

    He made the tough grab and even worked forward for a few yards.