Better to Have Loved and Lost: Why Edge will Shine Without Vickie

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Better to Have Loved and Lost: Why Edge will Shine Without Vickie

Praise the Lord in Heaven! Vickie and Edge have been separated! Now how long has the Edge/Vickie storyline been going on? Anyways, without Vickie Guerrero, Edge now has the time to shine as a superstar, not the boss' wife.

Now if anybody saw Superstars last night, we saw Edge take on Kofi Kingston. The thing I noticed during the match was how Edge looked. His eyes looked sadistic and he was only focused on winning by pinfall or submission. Even on Raw last Monday, we saw the Edge that we all know and love.

Edge is so much better off without Guerrero. He can actually win matches without interference as I feel the whole "Ultimate Opportunist" gimmick is becoming less and less pleasurable to see. I'm sick of him seizing the opportunity, and even though he's a heel, he should be able to earn a title shot like all good heels such as Randy Orton.

Edge needs to show more of his sadistic side that he showed for the most part in his feud around Summerslam 2008, where he was torturing Vickie in preparation for his feud with the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. He is really a caged animal whose mediocre title runs need to be let loose.

Sure we have seen his sadistic side before, but for how long did it last? Maybe three or four months? Maybe less? This guy is so good in the ring and he doesn't need Vickie or Chavo or Big Show or anybody to help him win and now that all of his allies are on RAW, I think my wishes may be granted.

My concern is if he wins the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, then what is next? Remember last year's SummerSlam when Undertaker "sent Edge to Hell?"

That was the end of it because when he returned, he went back to the "Ultimate Opportunist" which I am growing very weary of because he doesn't need to be the opportunist. It is a good gimmick, but it has run its course.

In the end, we need more of the Edge that makes watching him more enjoyable now that there is nobody to help him. My other concern is if one of them moves maybe next year, do we see their relationship again as there has been no divorce? But let's enjoy Edge's alone time a good run, with maybe a title run that lasts longer than two months?

Until next time...

I am DJ Rallo

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