B/R Turns Into WWE Chapter Seven: Friday Night Smackdown

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B/R Turns Into WWE Chapter Seven: Friday Night Smackdown

Week 2 of Smackdown:

Current Champions

WWE Champion:TBD at Backlash

Cruiserweight Champion: TBD at Backlash

Untited States Tag Team Champions: TBD at Backlash

(Commentator) We are here live in Nashville, Tenneessee where we will see the second episode of Friday Night Smackdown! Tonight, each of the four men in the WWE Championship Match will be in a tag team match as Sterling Eby and Ray Bogusz will face Shane Howard and Jay Rob the Legacy Kid!

(Ring Announcer) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ross Rutherford!

Ross comes out as several booes are heard through the arena. Ross is holding a mic.

(Ross) Well I have given every superstar a chance to fight the star prodegy of Smackdown, Ross Rutherford, so I expect someone will get some balls as it is time for my open challenge. So who wants to face me?

Nothing happens for about two minutes until Terrell Johnson's music hits to an enormous amount of cheers as he hasa huge smile on his face. He has a mic.

(Terrell) Okay, Ross. I'm here and I'm ready for a match right now!

(Ross) Hopefully we have some good medics backstage (laughs to himself). Hey reffy, ring the bell.

The bell rings and we are under way

The match starts with Ross instantly rolling outside the ring as Johnson was about to clothesline him. Ross is walking around the ring until he picks up a steel chair and picks up the mic.

(Ross) Did I mention that this match is under EXTREME RULES!

Terrel looks worried, but goes for a suicide dive on to Ross outside the ring, until he hits Terrell with a chair in mid air. Terrell is down as Ross poses as we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

We are back and Ross is in control as he is holding Terrell in the Anaconda Vice. He is in submission, but Johnson refuses to tap out. About five minutes later and Terrell gets out of it and now both men are up. Terrell picks up a chair and hits Ross down. Now Terrell opened the chair in put it on Ross' leg, Terrel hit a nasty leg drop on Ross' covered leg and Ross is in pain.

Johnson now picked up Ross and threw him in the ring, and he got a kendo stick from under the ring as he rolls back in the ring. Terrell starts hitting Ross with the stick until it breaks. Ross is flat on the ground, while Terrell goes to the top rope. Out of nowhere, Shane Howard runs through the crowd and throws Terrell off the top and Johnson is down as Ross rolls on to Terrell and gets the three count.

(RA) Here is your winner, Ross Rutherford!

Ross celebrates in the ring as Shane is kicking a weak Terrell on the ground. After several stomps, Shane raises his fist as his music plays and he leaves as medics are applying to Terrell Johnson.

(Commercial Break)

(Interviewer) Ladies and gentlemen, we are here with the man who will be facing Tim List for the vacant Cruiserweight Championship in a ladder match at Backlash, Sulayman Hussein.

(S.H.) First of all, I am mad as it is that I was not booked for the first episode of Smackdown, but as long as I'm in the Cruiserweight Title picture. As for List, he is nothing but a weak man who caters to the fans. He is a pathetic parasite in this corporation and I look forward to throwing his ass off of a 15 foot ladder.

Sulayman walks away.

(Locker Room Segment between AkD and Jev Thrope)

(AkD) Hey Thrope, sorry again for the accident last week, are you sure you are ready for a match against Dub Sizzle.

(Jev) Dude don't worry, I'm fine. As for Sizzle, that guy is an animal, but I will tame the animal tonight.

General Manager DJ Rallo walks in.

(DJ) Gentlemen, tonight is really a warm up tonight for Backlash as Sunday night, you two will be facing Retribution in a tag team elimination match. By the way, good luck against Dub Sizzle later tonight. And don't forget guys, let's see if you are even a team by the end of the Draft tomorrow.

DJ walks out as we go to commercial

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This next match is the next round in the Tag Team Tournament and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Ste Eccles & Jason Savage.

They walk out to a mixed reaction

(RA) And there opponents, the team of Blue Chip & Chris Mueller

They come out to an assorted amount of booes.

The bell rings and we are underway.

The match starts with Blue Chip and Ste Eccles. They have an instant lock up, until Blue picks up Ste on his shoulders and hits a samoan drop on Ste. Blue makes an instant tag to Mueller and Muller hits Jason Savage off the apron with an elbow and then hits a 360 elbow (R-Truth Elbow) on Eccles and then poses in the ring.

He now hits a spiringboard off the middle rope and continues to pose in the ring until he tags in Blue Chip who misses a leg drop on Ste as Ste crawls towards Jason Savage until he makes the tag. Savage hits some instant clotheslines on Blue and Chris until Chris gets up and Savage hits an inverted powerbomb and gets the three count.

(RA) And your winners to advance in the tournament, the team of Ste Eccles and Jason Savage.

(Locker Room Segment, DJ in his office with Tim List)

(List) With all due respect DJ, I need a warm up match for Smackdown and since you gave Sulyaman another day off, I need some warm up.

(DJ) As much as I want to put you in a match with Sulyaman tonight, he has requested a personal day off and is no longer in the arena. And my match card is full tonight so how about I fit you in one of my matches tonight. Tonight it will be Tim List vs Michael Scanlon vs Kumar vs umm, anybody that wants the spotin this over the top rope, battle royal!

List walks away as we see Jev Thrope and AkD walking towards the entrance ramp and on the other side of the screen is Retribution walking towards the ring.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied by Adrian Staehle, Dub Sizzle.

They come out as the fans are heavily booing Retribution.

(RA) And his opponent, being accompanied by AkD, Jev Thrope!

Jev and AkD have so many chants it is hard to hear the commentary.

The bell rings and we are under way.

Dub hits some Undertaker like punches and Jev is down on the mat, until he quickly gets up and starts hitting dropkicks to Dub, but he refuses to fall. Jev then throws a few uppercuts to Dub, yet Sizzle still won't fall. Jev is amazed as Dub just looks angry until a cocky smirk crosses his face and he hits a big boot to Jev. Dub picks up Jev from the ground and puts Jev in a bear hug.

Jev is now screaming in pain as AkD is trying to rally the crowd to cheer Jev on. But Dub has Jev locked in the bear hug but Jev instantly turns it into a hurricarana and now the big man is down. Jev is also down from the affects of the bearhug, but covers Dub for a one count. Jev is amazed again as Dub will not stay down. Dub then picks up Jev and hits a sidewalk slam as Adrian is clapping on the outside as the fans boo him. Jev is once again manhandled and Dub raises his hands in the ring until he picks up Jev again and hits a big boot as we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as both men are up and exchanging punches, but Jev gets behind Dub and pokes him. Dub gets mad and tries to clothesline but Thrope pulls down the top rope and Dub falls outside the ring. Jev then goes for a suicide dive as AkD is holding Dub, but when Jev jumps, Sizzle gets out of the way and he hits AkD. Jev looks pissed at himself but Dub throws Jev into the ring as the referee is distracted by AkD who is in pain.

Jev is in control until Adrian comes in and low blows Jev and Dub hits a running big boot. The ref is back as Dub pins Jev for the three count. AkD looks in disbelief and goes into the ring. He helps Jev out of the ring again, but as they walk down the ramp, DJ Rallo comes out.

Over and Over hits as DJ walks out

(DJ) Sorry to interrupt guys, but I have an added stipulation to your Backlash match. It will be a tag team match for the new Untied Stated Tag Team Championships!

AkD looks confused as they just leave the arena.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This next match is an over the top battle royal. Introducing the competitors Kumar, Michael Scanlon, Tim List, and.....

Sulyaman's music hits as there are many mixed chants around the arena.

The bell rings and we are under way.

Michael Scanlon immediately goes after Kumar with some instant Ju-Jitzu kicks as Sulyaman starts off with a nasty cross body to Tim List. The match continues with Scanlon and Sulyaman in control as in one corner, Scanlon is hitting Kumar in the turnbuckle as on the other side of the ring is Sulyaman hitting list with a bulldog.

Now Scanlons is still in control and throws Kumar with an Irish wip, but when Kumar comes back, he hits a hurricaranna on Scanlon, and Scanlon falls over the top rope and is eliminated. Also Tim List is now in control of Sulyaman by hitting a few Flair chops and tries to attempt Sulyman, but he is still hanging on the rope and flips List over the top rope. List is eliminated. Now Sulyaman quickly eliminates Kumar who was still posing after eliminating Scanlon.

(RA) Here is your winner, Sulyaman!

(Commercial Break)

(Locker Room Segment between Shane Howard and Jay Rob)

(Shane) Now Jay, after we win this match tonight after I get the pinfall, you are going to let me pin you at Backlash right?

(Jay) Yes Shane, a deal is a deal.

(Shane) That is what I like to hear. Now let's go

(Commercial Break)

(Hallway segment between Sterling Eby, Christi Lott, and Ray Bogusz)

(Eby) Christi, do you really think we can trust that weasel Ray?

(Lott) I doubt it. These guys are all after us and they all want the title. We just keep to ourselves tonight.

(Eby) You're probably right. Hopefully we lose some competition tomorrow as hopefully they all get drafted.

Ray walks in

(Ray) Hey guys, I couldn't help over hearing what you were saying and I had no intentions on being your buddy, but you know you may be separated tomorrow.

Ray walks away as Eby and Christi look pissed.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This main event tag team bout is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Shane Howard and Jay Rob the Legacy Kid!

Shane comes out to massive heat, but Jay has a mixed reaction.

(RA) And there opponents, the team of Ray Bogusz and Sterling Eby.

Ray comes out to cheers as Sterling and Christi are booed heavily.

The bell rings and this tag team bout is under way.

We start with Shane and Sterling as they are staring down each other down. Shane then just tags in Jay Rob as he is now in the ring looking determined. Jay goes right after Eby, but Eby hits a suplex when Jay is in mid air. Jay Rob is down as Sterling tags Ray in and the fans get on their feet for Ray as he takes down Shane on the apron and he hits a splash on Jay Rob as he is down.

Jay quickly gets up and he starts exchanging offensive maneuvers. Punch by Ray, kick by Jay, it went back and forth, until Ray hit a kick to the skull of Jay Rob. Bogusz looks confident and gets the fans rallied up as he slaps Sterling on the chest as a tag. Eby looks mad as he enters the ring. Eby hits a a senton on Jay Rob.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Jay Rob is in control as he nails a pumphandle slam on Eby as Christ is screaming outside as the fans start to boo her like crazy. Shane is asking for a tag and Jay tags him in. Shane now holds Eby in a Crippler Crossface, but Eby gets his boot on the top rope. Shane is mad and picks up Eby and throws him into a turnbuckle. Shane then goes for (The move Miz does near the turnbuckle? Any1 know the name) and misses as Eby runs to Ray for a tag, but Ray backs down as the fans are loving it.

Eby looks pissed as from behind, Shane turns Eby around and hits a Canadian Destroyer on Eby for the three count.

(RA) Here are your winners, the team of Jay Rob the Legacy Kid and Shane Howard.

Ray smiles on the outside as Christi Lott is yelling at him, Ray then pushes Christi into Sterling who was just getting up outside the ring and they are both down. Inside the ring are Jay and Shane. Shane demands for a mic.

(Shane) You say the winners were Shane AND Jay?! This guy did jacks*it tonight and I demand that I am the winner of the match!

Jay looks pissed and starts talking to Shane until Shane pushes him and Jay looks mad. Shane is yelling at Jay, but Jay chokes Shane and nails his new move called the Chiropractor (A chokeslam where instead of falling straight to the ground, you land into Jay's knee). Shane is knocked out as Ray is staring hin down from the outside and Eby and Christi are on the ramp. Jay smiles as his theme goes off and there are "We Want More!" chants echoing through the arena.

This concludes this week of Smackdown

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