Debate: Is the 10-Game Ban Too Lengthy?

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Debate: Is the 10-Game Ban Too Lengthy?
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Luis Suarez has been handed a 10-game ban for biting.  Is his punishment too much?


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What Suarez did was idiotic and totally wrong. However it is no more violent than a head butt, an elbow, a stamp or a high two footed tackle. All th...
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You have absolutely got to be kidding me..."Lifetime ban" "Liverpool should sell him" "Disgrace to the game" Are any of you old enough to remember Eri...
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Well done The FA you've done it again,so biting someone is worse than being a racist? Like the government,out of touch with reality.
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I don't think the ban is enough. How many chances do you get to prove you're a complete moron? Liverpool should be ashamed to let him wear their jer...
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Isn't it a bit ironic.... breaking someone's foot ..... the player gets a 3 game ban ..................................biting someone ...................
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I for one think its fantastic. Yes i am a Chelsea fan and the fact that i don't care for Liverpool may create some bias but the fact of the matter is ...
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