Warriors' Bench Starts Kung Fu Fighting After Harrison Barnes' Huge Reverse Dunk

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 24, 2013

Image via TNT
Image via TNT

It happened fast as lightning and definitely was a little bit frightening.

Harrison Barnes rocked in a big, two-handed reverse jam during Tuesday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets, quieting everyone inside the Pepsi Center except for the sportscasters and—you guessed it—the Warriors bench.

So moved by the vicious dunk in traffic, Draymond Green and Kent Bazemore leapt from the bench. The action that ensued could go down as one of the best bench reactions we’ve ever seen.

The celebration began with the two immediately locking arms, which typically serves as a failsafe for keeping overly excited teammates off the court. The thing is, the “hold me back” technique only really works when all the players involved aren’t running toward the court. 

In this case, Bazemore and Green were just two guys acting of their own free will, who embraced each other and went on a rollicking “Skip to My Lou” jaunt onto the hardwood. 

They reach for each other instinctivelytheir right and left arms interlock—and we’re off to the races, with sensei Green high-stepping into a flying high-kick while Bazemore pumps a fist and delivers a lightning-fast, tiger-claw strike (Wang Chung-ing?). 

Also worthy of note, the dunk perpetrated an amazing O-face from a girl in the crowd, who looks like Barnes had walked up to her and whispered “Wait ‘til you see my dunk.” 

All in all, a priceless moment—but is it better than Peter Dill’s Thor-hammering for Seton Hall?

How about the Clippers bench vacating the premises and walking away from the game after DeAndre Jordan dunked on Brandon Knight?  

You be the judge, but set this bench reaction to the tune of “Kung Fu Fighting” before you make your final decision.

You get so carried with the bros, you don’t realize you just started skipping: Dr__Carson