UEFA Champions League 2013: Bayern's Momentum Will Translate to Victory in Final

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IIApril 24, 2013

GUANGZHOU, GUANGDONG - JULY 26:  Mario Gomez of Bayern Munich smiles during a friendly match against VfL Wolfsburg as part of the Audi Football Summit 2012 on July 26, 2012 at the Guangdong Olympic Sports Center in Guangzhou, China.  (Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images)
Victor Fraile/Getty Images

FC Bayern Munchen couldn’t have played much better against FC Barcelona on Tuesday, and that momentum will carry them to their first UEFA Champions League title since 2001.

It wasn’t much of a contest for Bayern against Barcelona; the Germans won in a 4-0 blowout.  Thomas Muller was able to score twice, the first coming in the 24th minute and the second coming in the 81st.  Mario Gomez and Arjen Robben were each able to score a goal as well in the 49th and 72nd minutes respectively.

With a 4-0 lead in the first leg of the semi-final round, it seems nearly impossible for Barcelona to come back and head to the final round.  Lionel Messi failed to make a big impact in the match despite solid passing throughout, and the ability of Bayern to contain the star player for Barcelona bodes quite well for Bayern heading into the second leg. 

The strange statistic from the match is that Bayern only had possession for 37 percent of the match.  However, this number is deceiving.  Barcelona had possession most of the time, but it was mostly only on their side of the field.  Meanwhile, the midfield of Bayern dominated Barcelona, who couldn’t get an attack going. 

Bayern will likely continue to work the midfield and prevent the attack going for Barcelona in the second leg, and that momentum from Tuesday will carry over. 

They may not need to play as well as they did in the first leg, but they will be much more relaxed after having all but ensured a spot in the final round.

Once the final round begins, the momentum will basically be completely on Bayern’s side, regardless of who they play. 

In the event that they play Real Madrid, Bayern’s ability to contain the attack will likely carry over to the final round.  They would likely be able to keep Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain in check after the dominant performance by the midfield on Tuesday.  If Dortmund end up pulling out the win in the semis, Bayern will have an easier time defending against Robert Lewandowski and Marco Reus.

A win like the one against Barcelona certainly says a lot about this team.  With so much momentum, it’s hard not to see Bayern Munchen taking home another title. 

They’ve been close in 2010 and 2012, but this time it looks like they will finally be able to do it.