Most Memorable Games from the Detroit Pistons' 2012-13 Season

Jay Wierenga@@JayWierengaCorrespondent IApril 24, 2013

Most Memorable Games from the Detroit Pistons' 2012-13 Season

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    I am getting tired of coming up with new ways to describe just how bad this year's Detroit Pistons' season was.

    I have called it disappointing, terrible and even a smoldering dumpster fire.

    But in this article, I would like to focus on some of the positives.

    For all of the difficult to watch games that we were subjected to as fans, there were actually a few games that were fun.

    This team showed some signs of life throughout the course of the year and even dazzled the fans with some exciting contests.

    Here are the five most memorable games of the Detroit Piston's season.

5. February 27: Brandon Knight Scores Career High 32 as Pistons Roll

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    On February 27, the Pistons pretty much knew where their season was headed.

    Andre Drummond had already gotten hurt and the Pistons were sputtering.

    Conversely, the Washington Wizards had recently gotten back their franchise point guard, John Wall, and were about to roll off a nice second half of the season.

    But on a night when the Wizards were excited to see Wall in action, the night belonged to another young guard.

    Brandon Knight, fresh off of losing his starting point guard spot in favor of Jose Calderon, decided to take it to Bradley Beal and the Wizards.

    He scored in a number of ways, taking it to the hoop, hitting mid-range shots and knocking down five three-pointers.

    The Pistons mainly controlled the game, but some sloppy play and some inspired basketball by Trevor Ariza gave the Wizards a shot.

    But his last-second three missed everything and the Pistons broke a three game losing streak.

4. January 29: Andre Drummond Gets Unleashed on the Bucks in a Loss

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    It definitely feels weird saying that one of the top five most memorable games by the Pistons this year was a double-digit loss to a middling Milwaukee Bucks squad.

    But the real significance of this game was the onslaught that rookie Andre Drummond unleashed on the Bucks front court.

    In the first half Drummond could not be stopped. He was picking up alley-oop dunks, putbacks and grabbing any rebound available.

    When all was said and done, Drummond ended up with 18 points, 18 rebounds, two steals and a block.

    Pistons fans were beyond giddy about the idea of Drummond roaming the middle for the foreseeable future.

    Sadly, just a few games later Drummond hurt his back and would miss 22 games.

    But this game was a not-so-friendly reminder to the league that Mr. Drummond had arrived.

3. January 30: Tayshaun Prince Is Dealt to the Memphis Grizzlies

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    Since 2002, one thing has remained nearly constant in the city of Detroit. I'm not talking about unemployment or crime. 

    But since he was drafted in 2002 near the end of the first round, Tayshaun Prince has been an institution around Michigan.

    We saw him as a rookie, being inserted into the lineup to bother Tracy McGrady's jumpers in a series victory over the Orlando Magic in the playoffs.

    We saw him drop his patented baby hook from the left block against countless defenders.

    And of course we saw him block Reggie Miller's shot in the playoffs in 2004 when the Pistons won it all.

    But on January 30, we saw something different. We saw the team take the court for warmups but we didn't see Prince.

    The iconic moment was when a Tayshaun Prince fan saw the team leave the locker room and make it to the court without his hero in tow, he immediately threw off his jersey and exposed his Kentucky Wildcats pride.

    Prince had a great run with Detroit, but it was good to see him have one more shot at a title with a contender out west.

2. December 28: Will Bynum and the Pistons Knock off the Champs

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    For the bulk of this season, the Detroit Pistons secured nearly all of their wins against the bottom-feeders of the NBA.

    There were wins against the hapless Cleveland Cavaliers, the middling Toronto Raptors and the pathetic Charlotte Bobcats.

    But for one night, and one night only the Pistons were on top of the world.

    At the end of the calender year this season, the Detroit Pistons thoroughly worked the defending champion Miami Heat.

    In the game, the starters were largely ineffective. Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Knight and the rest were held mostly in check.

    Meanwhile, the Heat's LeBron James was his usual brilliant self, going on to score 35 points while Chris Bosh added another 28.

    But the Pistons' reserves came to the rescue.

    Led by Will Bynum's 25 points and 10 assists, they took the Heat by storm and refused to hand over the keys to the game.

    The Pistons would go on to win by 10 points and held the champs under 100 points.

    For one night, the Pistons felt like champions.

1. April 8: Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe Each Drop 20 Plus on the Cavs

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    One of the biggest debates all season has been whether or not the Detroit Pistons' young big men, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, can play well together.

    The argument against them is that the league is turning more and more to a smaller form of basketball in which athletic and stretch players will be filling the power forward position.

    Many argue that Monroe is not quick or athletic enough to guard them and any advantages he has on the offensive end will be cancelled out by his lack of defensive ability.

    For one night, however, Monroe and Drummond proved the critics wrong.

    Sure, it was against a depleted Cleveland Cavaliers team that had anything but a sturdy front court.

    But they went off nonetheless.

    The Cavs really had no answer down low. The Pistons played the high-low game perfectly and as a result the two big men had stellar nights.

    Monroe finished with 23 points and eight rebounds while Drummond dropped 29 and 11.

    For one night, at least, it looked like the twin towers would have a nice future in Detroit.