Andrew Wiggins' Canceled Visits Suggest Coveted Star Must Be Close to Decision

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIApril 23, 2013

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 03: Andrew Wiggins #22 of the East waits during a time out during the 2013 McDonald's All American game at United Center on April 3, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Ask anyone who the nation's top high school basketball player is and the answer is simple.

Andrew Wiggins, small forward, Huntington Prep.

Ask which college he's going to play with next season, and that answer becomes much more difficult, with Wiggins stalling in his decision as to which college he'll be attending.

 He's played in exhibition games, All-Star games, scouting showcases and has had several in-house visits to the country's top programsAnd yet, at the end of it all, we're seemingly no closer to figuring out where the coveted star will be heading in 2013, other than somewhere in college basketball.

There was thought that we might know more about his thinking this week, with Wiggins scheduled to make trips to Kansas, UNC and Florida State. 

However, according to CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman, those visits have been canceled (not just postponed), with reports that the star recruit is mentally and physically exhausted after a busy past few weeks (per Jeff Borzello of CBS Sports).

Instead, he will speak to the respective coaches over the phone.

The decision is frustrating for those who want to find out where Wiggins is going. It is definitely frustrating for those schools in the running for Wiggins.

Yet the reality is that his canceled visits don't hinder his stock or change the situation at all.

If anything, they point towards Wiggins being closer to (not further away from) making a decision and ending the frustration. After all, he does only have until May 15 to make that call, and is most likely not wanting to wait until the final possible day to make that all-important decision.

For Wiggins to be comfortable canceling the visits shows that he is comfortable with the decision-making process. Be that he's already made one, or close to making one, we'll never know—but it does show that he isn't feeling the pressure that the recruiting trail brings. He doesn't feel like he needs to prove anything to these schools, and is okay with the perception of his cancellation.

If Wiggins is not close to a decision, it's hard to see him canceling a visit to schools—regardless of how tired, exhausted or sore he might be.

Maybe he's already chosen Kentucky and doesn't feel the need to visit. Maybe he understands the potential logjam at the Wildcats and doesn't want to go there—making his mind up to go to another school, and thus doesn't need to visit.

We'll never know just how he's thinking, and nor should we. It's his decision and his future, so he has the right to make that decision in his own time.

But don't be surprised if the answer to that big question we've all been asking comes soon. Even for a star recruit like Wiggins, it's hard to believe he feels comfortable canceling visits if he hasn't made up his mind.


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