Will Scott Baker Decrown the Royals?

Kelso HakesCorrespondent IApril 4, 2008

Last August 30th Minnesota Twin's starting pitcher Scott Baker had success against the Royals, throwing a near perfect game that was broken up in the ninth inning. Will his heat continue in his first start of the season tonight?

After coming into the season not throwing 100 percent, Baker has reassured everyone that he is now completely fine and is feeling great. After losing the series to the Angels, the Twins now look for a win against the Royals tonight with Baker pitching.

The Twins have a good chance of winning tonight because Twins offense usually goes in Baker's favor. Baker is very intimidating as a pitcher and has proved it last year against the Royals. The Royals don't take Baker for granted; if they want to hit off him, they have to learn to attack the ball on the first strike that Baker is sure to give.

Although the Royals are 3-0, the Twins are looking for a sure win tonight. With the solid line-up intact, the Twins just need to get numbers on the board for Scott Baker and Minnesota.