Five Reasons Why Memphis Won’t Win it All

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IApril 4, 2008

2) A team that loves to run the dribble-drive offense is going against three defenses that are very adept at drawing charges and tightening up in the paint.

3) Memphis also doesn’t pick-and-pop so well. If UCLA is able to force Memphis to take a lot of uncomfortable jumpers they could have a bad shooting day. This is a team that feeds off of their own momentum, so they can’t afford to be down on themselves early.

4) Almost always, the half-court game beats the sprinting one.

5) Don Chaney, jealous of his resume’s omission of a Final Four appearance, will threaten to kill Cal from the third row, egging on the coach into a fist fight.


One reason why the will

Athletically, they’ve had the best team in the field. If they control exactly what they want to do, they will win.