Will Natalya Finally Get Her Big Break Because of E! Reality Show?

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistApril 26, 2013

courtesy of tv.yahoo.com
courtesy of tv.yahoo.com

Since making her debut in April 2008, a lot of hype has surrounded WWE Diva Natalya.

Many thought that this Diva, who is associated with the legendary Hart family, would be the one to revolutionize the women's division of the company. However, due to bad booking or just a general uncaring attitude toward the division itself, she has yet to make a lasting mark.

With the announcement that E! will be debuting a new reality show highlighting the lives of several current WWE Divas, along with a couple of up-and-comers, will Natalya finally be able to break through the ceiling placed very closely above her head?

Or will this endeavor be yet another disappointment in a career that started with the highest of hopes?

At 30 years old, Natalya may be nearing the end of her shelf life in terms of being a viable competitor to the company. In an industry where the bigger, better thing is always favored, she is currently on the other side of the spectrum.

And while it is entirely possible that she is the most gifted female wrestler on the roster, she continues to be placed in embarrassing or comical storylines that are well beneath her skill.

It is curious to see that she is placed front and center in the promotional photo for the show. Perhaps the show will address the concern that the company is wasting a huge opportunity by not implementing the Canadian competitor.

The knock on Natalya might just be that she is not the stereotypical Diva. She is much more of a wrestler than a beauty queen. While she is certainly a beautiful woman, she lacks the rail thin physique, ruby red lipstick and slinky wrestling ensembles of most of her peers.

In an industry where looks are more important than ability, Natalya is and has been falling completely by the wayside when it comes to success.

Even current Divas champion Kaitlyn, who by all physical standards is not exactly a Barbie type, needs to rely on sexuality at times in order to be noticed.

It is interesting to note that in her five years with the company, Natalya has only held the Divas championship on one occasion. Doesn't it seem like the most gifted female wrestler on the roster for half a decade should have attained a great deal more success overall?

It's not just that she has only held said title once. She hasn't been given an opportunity to win it in ages. This past week on Raw, she was not even a participant in the small Battle Royal to crown a new No. 1 contender for Kaitlyn's title.

Worse yet, instead of championship reigns, she has been saddled with the responsibility of being the handler of the Great Khali and Hornswogglethe equivalent of being the ringmaster of a three-ring circus.

And let us not forget the infamous farting gimmick the company gave her in early 2012.

Is this any way for the company to treat a member of one of the greatest wrestling families to ever exist?

It will be interesting to see if this new television show will deal with any of these issues. It will be interesting to see Natalya's side of things when it comes to her getting the short end of the stick and her lack of success overall.

Is she hungry for another shot at the gold? Or is she just happy to be gainfully employed?