MLB: A-Rod Under Attack

John LewisSenior Writer IApril 4, 2008

The opening week of the Major League Baseball season had a few surprises. For example, the Kansas City Royals sweeping the Detroit Tigers was unexpected.

But nothing was more surprising than the attack of A-Rod at Fenway Park.

A red-tailed hawk with a nest and egg in a nearby overhang, attacked Alexa Rodriquez, 13, of Bristol, Connecticut.  A-Rod, as she's now called, was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for cuts to her scalp.

Rodriquez was touring the park with a group of middle school students and appeared to be okay when released from the hospital.  A-Rod is tough; she plans on rejoining her classmates for the rest of the overnight tour of Fenway.    

What's next? A girl named Big Papi will be attacked in New York trying to enjoy dinner and a Broadway show? Or perhaps Alberta Pujols will be attacked by a bear in Chicago?

Just in case you were wondering, the nest and egg were later removed at the direction of state wildlife officials.