20 Athletes Who Would Make a Terrible "Bachelor"

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20 Athletes Who Would Make a Terrible
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The buzz in the golf world, which you are probably so unfamiliar with that you didn't even know it existed, is that Aussie stud Adam Scott is being stalked by the producers of The Bachelor. 

Well, "stalked" might be a slight exaggeration, which is a concession only being made in an attempt to stave off a lawsuit from their famously litigious henchmen. 

In an event, recent reports suggest ABC is desperate to get their corporate meathooks in the recent Masters Champion. Funny how much some lame green blazer—that you don't even get to keep—can change things. 

Do you think anyone over at The Bachelor could've picked Adam Scott out of a lineup a few weeks ago? Nope. Not unless the lineup consisted of Tiger Woods and Adam Scott—just them. Then by process of elimination, most of them probably could have figured it out. 

Unfortunately for ABC and their Disney overlords, Scott is categorically not interested in being part of their spectacle of low-self esteem, public drunkenness, and televised plague of fauxmances and "journeys" into the gutter. 

Apparently he has a girlfriend, said Scott "I'm not single at all." Or maybe that was just his way of telling The Bachelor, "It's not you, it's me…but really it's you." Not only is he talented at golf, he's also a good breaker-upper. 

Handsome, successful, rich, famous, and polite. Suddenly Scott seems even more likable than before! A legitimate find. So, naturally he wants nothing to do with The Bachelor. No one worth wanting willingly welcomes reality television cameras into their lives. 

But if Scott did want to do the show, he'd be pretty much perfect…which got me thinking about athletes who would be…less-than-perfect bachelors. In this case "less than perfect" means "absolutely wretched." Way to fail at softening that blow. 

Ah well. Here are 20 athletes that would producers would seriously regret casting as The Bachelor

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