Drew Frey: Video Highlights for the Former Cincinnati Safety

James DiMaio@@JamesDiMaioCorrespondent IApril 27, 2013

Drew Frey: Video Highlights for the Former Cincinnati Safety

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    While former Cincinnati Bearcats safety Drew Frey won't be the first safety off the board—heck, he probably won't be one of the first 10—it doesn't mean he isn't going to become an NFL-caliber safety.

    Frey is a cerebral safety who makes up for his lack of speed with good instincts and a thorough understanding of the game. Safeties are often described as the "quarterback of the defense" and Frey certainly boasts the smarts that NFL teams look for in safeties.

    At 6'3" and 212 pounds, Frey has ideal size and length, which aids in his sure tackling.

    Frey will need some time to develop into a NFL safety, but he flashed enough in his college career to spark the intrigue of general managers throughout the league who may use as high as a mid-round pick on the promising young playmaker.

    Here is a look at some of Frey's best highlights. 

Pick 6 vs. UConn

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    Let's start this highlight reel off right with a pick six.

    In this clip, Frey reads the quarterback marvelously and jumps a route with perfect timing. Once he got the ball in his hands there was no stopping that big man from running it in for six points.

    This is a great example of Frey making a big play with football smarts rather than explosive athleticism.

Pass Breakup vs. UConn (0:44-1:05)

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    In this clip, Frey—who isn't known for it—displayed some serious range on this play.

    Frey takes a nice angle to the ball and makes a crashing pass defense over the head of the defender.

    Frey is probably best suited playing near the line of scrimmage at the next level, but this clip reminds us that he can effectively play the deep part of the field as well.

Laying the Wood vs. Duke (0:10-0:18)

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    Every NFL team wants a safety that strikes fear into receivers running over the middle.

    In this clip, Frey showcases his ability to the lay the wood.

    Frey is a big guy with a lot of power and he puts these attributes on full display here as he hits the receiver so hard that he can't hold onto the ball.

    He may not be a pure cover safety, but sometimes he hits so hard that it just doesn't matter.

Preventing a Touchdown Pass vs. Vanderbilt (1:54-2:03)

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    The worst time to get beat in coverage is in the end zone.

    That doesn't happen to Frey here.

    It looks like the receiver has a step on him, but as the ball is being delivered Frey uses his length to get his hand on the ball to prevent the catch.

    Frey's strength isn't in coverage, however, he has flashed plenty and certainly has a high ceiling.

Bringing the Heat vs. Idaho State (2:48-2:57)

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    In this clip, Frey blitzes and tracks down the passer as he scrambles outside the pocket.

    Frey really flexed some nice closing speed here as he forced the quarterback to throw the ball away.

    Given his size and power, it seems Frey would be a good blitz option at the NFL level, which could be another way he could affect the passing game as he develops his coverage skills.

A True Leader

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    All great defenses have one thing in common: great leadership.

    Frey is a very vocal player on the field who appeared to get his teammates lined up and fired up on the regular.

    In this interview, it's evident that Frey is passionate about leading, and the young players seem to have a great deal of respect and admiration for him.

    If Frey can develop a bit more in coverage, he has the instincts, intelligence and leadership to be an exceptional player at the next level.