Most Overlooked Factors in a 5-Star Recruit's Decision-Making Process

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 22, 2013

Most Overlooked Factors in a 5-Star Recruit's Decision-Making Process

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    It's often very tough to decide on school when you're a 5-star recruit, Many of the nation's best programs want you to sign up to play for them and roll out the red carpet for you. A lot of recruits say each school's pitch is basically the same and it really just comes down to sitting down and deciding which program and situation is best for them.

    That's often tough and there are a lot of overlooked factors that play into a 5-star recruit's decision making process. Sure, playing time, location, academics, coaching, depth chart and offensive/defensive scheme fit are major factors for not just a 5-star recruit, but every recruit.

    However, let's keep our focus on the the all mighty 5-star guy's thinking for this read. What are some overlooked and under-the-radar factors that go into their decision-making process?

    Here are some in the following piece.

How Will He Respond to Being Challenged?

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    When you're a 5-star recruit, you're "The Man" on the field and dominant player. The game is slow and easy for you and you're usually faster, bigger and stronger than your competition.

    Guess what? In college, there's guys like that who are struggling for playing time due to the talent level. So the 5-star recruit is going to be challenged.

    He's not going to be able to outrun people or intimidate the man across from him. So when he makes his decision, he needs to make sure how will he respond to finally being challenged.

Exactly How Does He Want to Be Coached?

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    Some recruits respond better to coaches who are yellers and who are fiery. The intense and "in your face" coaching style really gets them going and they enjoy being coached that way.

    Other recruits don't like to be yelled at and want a position coach who's style involves less screaming and yelling. This is a factor that a lot of recruits overlook when making their decisions and it can lead to transferring. 

Does He Want to Be a Leader Right Away?

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    In an era where recruits make decisions on live national TV and hold press conferences, hype is certainly prominent in recruiting. 

    As we all know in sports, the player that gets hype is also initially looked at as desired leader, and the 5-star recruit gets a lot of hype. Some players relish being a leader, while it doesn't appeal to others.

    The 5-star recruit must be careful to examine if he wants to go to a program where he will be asked to be a leader early in his career, or does he want to jut fit in and play.

How Ill He Handle Not Being a Leader?

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    As I stated before, the 5-star recruit is the dominant figure on his team, the game and in the locker room. The 5-star recruits who enjoy the limelight and enjoy being leaders can get pretty used to everything that comes with that responsibility.

    So when they make their decisions, they must ask themselves if they're prepared to sign with a program that doesn't need them to be a leader right now?  How will they deal with not being "The Man" and in control of the team/locker room?

What Does the Depth Chart Look Like at His Secondary Position?

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    Not everything is going to go according to plan for every recruit, including the 5-star guy. I think an often-overlooked factor in decision-making in regards to committing to a school is how the roster looks at a recruit's secondary position.

    Sometimes that WR prospect make be a bust and be asked to move to CB or S. That big blocking TE may grow into an OT, while that 5-star RB may see a coaching change happen and the new staff ask him to move to LB.

    So the 5-star recruit, while being confident in his abilities at his first position, needs to make sure he takes a peek at the depth chart at his other potential positions when deciding on a school.

Any Miscellaneous and Special Accommodations?

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    Things in this department include if the 5-star recruit's favorite jersey number is available, what type of equipment the school uses (helmets, apparel, etc) and other things.

    Also, if the recruit has a child, can the school help make arrangements regarding child care and other things that involve family life?

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.