World Football Idiot of the Week

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalApril 22, 2013

This week’s idiot of the week is a no-brainer, in perhaps more sense than one. 

Luis Suarez is Liverpool’s star man and a very fine footballer. You might argue he’s one of the best on the planet right now, and you’d have a strong case.

Is he a little too greedy? Consider the evidence.

In the same week Suarez was nominated for the prestigious PFA Player of the Year award, he also walked away with our Idiot of the Week prize after sticking his teeth in Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.

Just when his reputation looked like it was moving in the right direction, Suarez sank back down to the gutter again.

Am I right? Or am I right?

Please be sure to leave your comments on Suarez below and also weigh in with suggestions for next week’s idiot as we meander through another seven days of entertainment.