Madden NFL 25's New Features Include New and Improved Connected Franchise Mode

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 22, 2013

Madden 25 - image from EA Sports Facebook
Madden 25 - image from EA Sports Facebook

What do you do when fans poorly receive a solid new feature, partially because it seemingly takes away from a traditional favorite?

You combine the two to bring the best of both worlds.

Hopefully, that's what we're in store for with Madden NFL 25's new Connected Franchise mode. EA Sports has released the schedule for the information roll out for the newest Madden. Improvements to both gameplay and game modes will be highlighted over the next two months.

The format is referred to as playbooks. While there are a few intriguing items on the schedule beginning on April 24 with the Run Free feature, the ones that jump out at me are set for May 6 and May 20.

On those days, EA Sports developers will discuss the changes to the Connected Careers mode from Madden 13. Take a look at the fulll playbook schedule here.

Many Madden fans were upset with the fact that the Connected Careers mode replaced the traditional franchise mode in Madden 13. Though the mode offered most of the same functionality as franchise mode and some new wrinkles, it omitted a few favorites.

Gamers had to wait for an update to add fantasy drafts, and you couldn't use edited rosters in your Connected Careers seasons upon release. 

These weren't glitches, but an attempt to either save some improvements for later in the series or move in another direction.

In either case, it drew the ire of some.

The ability to do a fantasy draft was added after release for Madden 13, but I'm willing to bet that functionality will be there from the beginning this time. 

If Madden 25 can build on the solid gameplay improvements from Madden 13 and make Connected Franchise mode as verbose and innovative as it should be, this will be an amazing game.


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