Brett Favre Not Ready to Retire Just Yet?

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Brett Favre Not Ready to Retire Just Yet?
News from the NFL cites sources that claim Brett Favre isn't done yet and may be seeking a trade.

First, I have to think Favre is too classy of a guy to end up playing in a different uniform...but what if?

Some possible landing sites could include:

Favre is traded to the Cleveland Browns for Derek Anderson. GB also sends Cleveland their number two draft choice back and a fourth rounder.

Cleveland couldn't ask for a better one or two year mentor for Brady Quinn than Brett. It also clears up what could be an ugly QB scenario down the road. Anderson gives the Pack depth at QB or possibly more trade bait. Cleveland also gets back into the draft with the return of their second round pick.

Favre is traded to Miami along with the Pack's first round pick (30) and one of their two second round picks for the number one overall selection. Miami gets a one or two year tutor for their young QB, gets a star player to help attendance, and would be able to pick up good players with the Pack's number one and an additional second round pick. The Pack gets to fill any hole they desire with the number one pick or they could go a-calling to Jerry Jones and dangle the number one for Dallas's two first rounders. Parcells and Co. get QB depth and picks to work with without going into the debt the number one brings a team.

Brett gets traded to Atlanta with the Packs first rounder and the Packs second round pick for Atlanta's first round pick number three overall. The Pack will get a great player with number three overall and could go in any direction—star RB, OL or DL. Atlanta gets their man back to help with attendance and provide stability and a work ethic in camp. With the picks from the Pack they could add a QB in the second round say Joe Flacco or Chad Henne and give the pick someone to learn from while adding two starters with their number two and the Packs' number one.

Favre gets traded with the Packs' number one and a second rounder to the Oakland Raiders. Brett could start as he grooms JaMarcus Russell and with the 30th pick and two second rounders Oakland can pick up several starters or dangle the picks as trade bait.

Favre goes to the Cowboys for their second 28th first round selection. A quality QB backup and great tutor for Romo and the Pack with picks 28 and 30 would be able to add two starters or move up by packaging the picks. Brett gets a realistic shot at one more SB.

Of the five scenarios I have presented, I'll rank them by possibility of happening from most likely to least likely.

Brett to the Cowboys: JJ gets a great guy to add to the mix and Brett gets his best shot at one more ring. With two first rounders Dallas won't miss anything.

Brett to Cleveland: The Pack sends him out of the NFC and gets a QB that could start for them or be shipped elsewhere for more draft picks. This scenario still allows them to keep their first round pick.

Brett to Atlanta: Brett moves closer to home and would be the starter for a year or two and allow Atlanta to groom a young QB.

Brett to Oakland: Al loves star QB's and the longball. Brett gets a reasonably warm weather site and goes to an AFC team.

Brett to Miami: Would Parcells want a one year stopgap at QB? Would Brett want to play in a warm weather city on such a bad team?

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