Jarvis Jones: Video Highlights for Former Georgia OLB

Zach Kruse@@zachkruse2Senior Analyst IApril 25, 2013

Jarvis Jones: Video Highlights for Former Georgia OLB

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    Widely regarded as a first-round prospect in the 2013 NFL draft, outside linebacker Jarvis Jones mounted an all-out attack on the Georgia record books over the last two seasons. 

    In 2011, Jones recorded 13.5 sacks (then the second most in school history), 19.5 tackles for loss (eighth in the nation) and two forced fumbles. He was named a consensus All-American. 

    Single-season records began to fall in spades in 2012. 

    Over just 12 starts, Jones tallied 14.5 sacks (school record), 24 tackles for loss (school record and first in the nation) and seven forced fumbles (another school record and tops in the nation). He was a clear choice for SEC Defensive Player of the Year and was also named a consensus All-American for the second straight season. 

    Clearly, Jones will enter the NFL with a full resume on the defensive side of the football. 

    In the following slides, we'll present some of Jones' top collegiate highlights from his time at Georgia.    

Four Sacks, Forced Fumble vs. Florida, 2011

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    The University of Florida had its hands full with Jones back in 2011. 

    Rushing from both the left and right edges of Georgia's 3-4 defense, Jones tallied four sacks (a career high and second most in school history), four tackles for loss and a forced fumble. The Gators simply couldn't keep the electric Jones off their quarterback, regardless of where he lined up. 

    Georgia would go on to win, 24-20, thanks in large part to Jones and a defense that held Florida to minus-19 rushing yards.

Fourth-Quarter INT vs. Missouri, 2012

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    While Jones recorded two sacks, two forced fumbles and one pass defensed during a 2012 matchup with Missouri, it was a play in coverage that marked Jones' biggest contribution to a Georgia win. 

    Up 27-20 midway through the fourth quarter, Jones dropped into the middle of the field and picked off a poorly thrown pass.

    He returned the easy interception down to the 1-yard line, and Georgia would punch in a touchdown one play later to help make the score 34-20. 

Game-Sealing Strip-Sack vs. Missouri, 2012

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    While his interception was the game-turning play that allowed Georgia to go up two scores, Jones' strip-sack of the Missouri quarterback on the next series sealed the win for the Bulldogs.

    On third down with just under seven minutes to play, Jones exploded past the left tackle and into the backfield with relative ease.

    The ensuing sack and strip were delivered just as the quarterback attempted to escape the pocket. Georgia recovered the fumble and later won, 41-20. 

Tackle for Loss vs. Florida, 2012

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    Few will question Jones' ability to reach the passer, but his impact against the run has been under scrutiny at times during the draft process. 

    Here against Florida in 2012, Jones makes an impact play to stuff a ball-carrier for a loss.

    The Gators employ a classic power run right at Jones, with a guard pulling to clear out Jones on the strong side. Instead of getting stood up at the point, Jones spins off the block attempt and makes the tackle in the backfield. 

Stunt for a Sack vs. Florida, 2012

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    There was obviously something about playing Florida that revved Jones' engine. 

    After registering a career-high four sacks against the Gators in 2011, Jones tallied a career-high 13 tackles and three more sacks in the rivalry game last season. In the provided video, Jones records one of the his three sacks. 

    The Bulldogs run a classic stunt, with the defensive end pushing upfield and Jones sneaking in underneath the guard inside. Jones explodes through the opening and makes the easy sack.

Strip-Sack vs. Alabama, 2012 SEC Championship Game

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    One of the best ways to evaluate a college player is viewing them against other top prospects. 

    Facing Alabama in the 2012 SEC Championship Game, Jones took on right tackle D.J. Fluker—widely regarded as one of the top tackles in the 2013 class—and still registered two sacks. 

    On this play, Jones cleanly beats Fluker with speed off the edge, and then bounces off Eddie Lacy's chip attempt to get to quarterback AJ McCarron. It's an impressive display of explosion, power and hustle from Jones. 

Strip-Sack vs. Kentucky, 2011

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    In 2011, Kentucky's offense found out the hard way that blocking Jones with a tight end on the edge probably isn't going to work. 

    On a 3rd-and-long play, Jones easily powers through the block attempt from the mismatched tight end and delivers a strip-sack of the quarterback. The running back on the play has no chance to help out. 

    Georgia recovered the fumble as the Bulldogs won big.

Stunt Inside for a Sack vs. Auburn, 2011

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    NFL scouts likely enjoyed this passage of play from Jones and the Georgia defense. 

    Facing Auburn in 2011, Jones runs another well-designed inside stunt. He takes one step forward, and then bolts off the defensive end to attack the guard on the interior of the offensive line. Using strong hands, Jones eludes the block and runs down the quarterback for an impressive sack. 

    Stunts are a big part of how 3-4 defenses attack at the NFL level. Jones can certainly bring something to the table in that area. 

Overall Package

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    In terms of production, very few pass-rushers will enter the 2013 NFL draft with a resume matching that of Jones. In just two seasons, Jones tallied 28 sacks, 45.5 tackles for loss and nine forced fumbles.

    In the provided video, we see a more complete look at what Jones brings to the table.  

    While not as big as Clay Matthews, the way Jones is always on the attack does remind me of the Green Bay Packers' All-Pro linebacker. His off-the-ball speed should immediately translate to the next level, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him notch 10 or more sacks for a 3-4 defense in his rookie season.