Can the Undertaker Deliver in His First Match on Raw in 3 Years?

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistApril 22, 2013

Can the Undertaker Deliver in His First Match on Raw in 3 Years?

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    The simple answer to that question is yes.  Undertaker is a big draw, and he proved at WrestleMania XXIX that he may yet still have one last run left in him.

    But this match in particular might be better than people think.  Whether it's the hot London crowd, working with top talent or other reasons, Undertaker will deliver tonight.

    Here are four reasons why.

4. Ratings

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    It's no secret that WWE ratings have not been as high as in the past.  While the reasons are many, if one thing could bring a good spike in the ratings, it's the return of The Undertaker.

    Undertaker, like The Rock, is an icon.  With his presence will likely come ratings.  WWE knows more eyes will be on the product tonight, so Undertaker's match will have to be great.   

3. Undertaker Can Still Go

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    Before WrestleMania XXIX, many people questioned The Deadman's physical condition.  There were questions about whether or not he could be expected to have more than one last good match.

    But his match with CM Punk proved that he still has something to give.  Perhaps he's on one last run and is enjoying his last few matches over the next year before he retires.

    That's speculation.  But one thing is certain: If the Undertaker wrestles tonight, it will be a great match. 

2. Undertaker Will Work with Top Talent

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    Undertaker may not be what he once was in the ring.  But that doesn't mean he can't have a great match. The talent he will working with tonight will ensure his match is memorable.  

    The Shield is perhaps the hottest storyline in WWE right now.  The group's motives are still not fully known, but everyone knows what the trio brings: total destruction.  And all three members of The Shield are Superstars in the making.  Their in-ring work, while still improving, is already excellent.

    Combine The Shield with Team Hell No, two veteran wrestlers who know who to work a crowd and can both work well in the ring, and you have five guys that Undertaker can rely on to carry him if necessary.

    Undertaker really could not ask for better wrestlers to work with. 

1. Hot Crowd

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    The biggest reason this match will deliver is the raucous crowd in London.  It is not unreasonable to expect this crowd to be as insane, if not more so, than the rowdy Raw crowd of a few weeks ago.  

    An awesome crowd can make a good show great.  A bad crowd can make an average show terrible.  The energy of an arena feeds the wrestlers and makes the entire event feel different.

    And with The Undertaker making his in-ring return to Raw, it will definitely generate a buzz with the crowd.  But once his music hits, the crowd, which may well go berserk all night, will go absolutely insane.  

    After all, England does not get TV tapings too often.  Expect the fans in attendance to take advantage of the opportunity.  And expect Fandangoing.  But that's another story.