Kapron Lewis-Moore: Video Highlights for Former Notre Dame DE

Andrew Dunn@atdu222Correspondent IIApril 27, 2013

Kapron Lewis-Moore: Video Highlights for Former Notre Dame DE

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    Throughout the 2012 college football season, Notre Dame's defense was among the most dominant forces in the nation.  It shut down offenses almost at will.

    A big part of that defense was Kapron Lewis-Moore, its strong defensive end.  Despite tearing his ACL in the BCS National Championship Game against Alabama, Lewis-Moore has entered his name into the draft, hoping that someone will take a flier on him.

    He certainly isn't the most highly touted defensive end in the draft, but he could wind up being a huge sleeper for a team who's willing to wait on him. 

    That all being said, what were some of Lewis-Moore's highlights as a member of the Fighting Irish? 

Pass Rush vs. Michigan, September 2011

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    To start, Kapron Lewis-Moore was never extremely gifted in his explosiveness.  Any video you watch of him will almost certainly show that.

    However, there are some instances where that isn't the case.  Take this play against Denard Robinson and the Michigan Wolverines as an example—if you begin the video at the 5:14 mark, you'll watch Lewis-Moore (No. 89) break the focus of his man and charge after the quick-footed Robinson.

    I'll choose to ignore the fact that he didn't bring Robinson down—let's give the guy a break, it was not an easy task.  What this video shows is that Lewis-Moore does, in fact, have some explosiveness to him, despite frequent criticisms that he lacks in that area (per NFL.com).

Pass Defense vs. USC, November 2012

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    This is a very small part of the highlight reel, and it seems like something extremely simple.  Still, there's no denying that Lewis-Moore had a good mindset on this play against USC.

    He was crowding the backfield and was in the quarterback's face—he did not get the sack, but had the presence of mind to know he wasn't going to.  Since he couldn't, he threw his hands into the air, forcing an interception right into the waiting arms of Manti Te'o.

    It is not as impressive as a sack or interception, but the mentality of Lewis-Moore is on solid display in the clip.

Sack vs. Pittsburgh, November 2012

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    It's true that Pittsburgh's offensive line is nowhere near the best in the league, so Lewis-Moore's sack against the Panthers isn't quite as impressive as it may have seemed against Alabama or Oklahoma.

    In any case, the most impressive part of the video for Lewis-Moore was how easily and quickly he broke free from the offensive line—and just like that, he was on top of the quarterback. 

    It is explosiveness and power that the man needs to improve upon.  If nothing else, scouts can at least see that the potential is there.  They'll need to wait a year for him to rehab and get back to full strength, but in the right 4-3 scheme, Lewis-Moore could make a surprise surge in the NFL.

Sack vs. USC, November 2012

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    Despite all of the criticism about him not being a great pass-rusher, Lewis-Moore made a good case as to why he could wind up being a sleeper in the 2013 draft.

    You'll notice in the video that he beat his man almost immediately, able to rush by him and get right after the quarterback.  While he isn't the most mobile quarterback in the nation (and the video proves that, too), it was an impressive display of speed by Lewis-Moore.

    He beat the offensive line quickly and charged right into the backfield, able to make the sack almost effortlessly.  It may not be the most impressive video reel a defensive lineman has ever had, but there's hope shown in the video for a guy just looking for a shot.

Various Takedowns, 2012 Season

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    Starting at 2:22, some of the best reels that Lewis-Moore has to show NFL officials become apparent.  Three separate sacks, against Stanford, BYU and Pittsburgh are shown.

    For a man with a lack of film to use for NFL scouts, this one is probably his most impressive.  These three sacks show a side of Lewis-Moore that isn't often seen—his speed.

    At times, he can have the explosiveness of a prime defensive lineman, but it must be more prominent for Lewis-Moore to have a shot in the NFL.  In these clips, you'll notice him chasing down the quarterbacks and pounding through the offensive line.

    He could, potentially, have been a force in the draft had these behaviors been seen more often.