Explaining to Fans Why Dolph Ziggler Is Suppose to Lose Right Now

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistApril 22, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

It's been a week since Dolph Ziggler lost via a roll up to Jack Swagger in an non-title match and people still don't get it―so let me explain.

Dolph Zigger is talented. He's been the favorite of the hardcore fans for some time. Ziggler finally won the World Heavyweight Title after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Hardcore fans were outraged when the following week on RAW when he lost to Swagger in a non-title match.

Fans seem to not understand Ziggler isn't yet suppose to be portrayed as a strong champion.

He used the Money in the Bank contract to challenge the champion who was Alberto Del Rio after he just had a hard fought match. The MITB is basically a license to steal. He won a ladder match back in July, that's all he did to get that championship opportunity which allows him to sneak attack.

Right now, some hardcore fans are reading this going, “he is the best worker and bumps the best every night. He did way more than win a ladder match.” Yes, in reality, Ziggler is one of the better workers, takes great bumps and sells tremendously. That's real life; I'm talking about the logic in the storyline.

The logic in the storyline is he lost a bunch of matches in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania weekend. He then sneak-attacked an injured Del Rio. That's it. He's suppose to be a weak champion right now in a wide open field of challengers.

Eventually he earns his stripes and solidifies that he can perform as a champion. He does that on the pay-per-view level and eventually he'll do it enough to where WWE will feel he's more valuable as a face. Again, eventually.

No need to rush, WWE has a lot of programming to fill every week and month. I got bad news for those Ziggler fans―he's probably going to get pinned clean by the other World Heavyweight Championship Challenger in Del Rio. It will enhance the selling point of a triple threat match at Extreme Rules that the champion has been pinned by both challengers in non-title matches.

It's the danger of knowing too much about a scripted genre. You have to be able to separate the logic in the storytelling to the most casual of fan with the elements of reality concerning the performers.

Yes, Del Rio's face run is flat and his ring announcer is more over than him. Yes, Swagger was on TMZ after his marijuana arrest and his manager is more over than him. Yes, Ziggler is becoming one of the best and has charisma for days.

Yes, WWE did the right thing in having him look vulnerable right now while holding the title. He will eventually own what he stole and be portrayed a legitimate champion who is here to stay―after you get people to pay to see it.