LeBron James Gave His Postgame Interview in the Most Awful, Amazing Sweater Ever

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 22, 2013

Image via thebiglead.com
Image via thebiglead.com

It’s part Mr. Rogers, part Bill Cosby and a big splash of Magnum P.I. 

It is LeSweater, and it’s fantastic. 

As a man who has had some of the strangest and best times of his life in clothes covered in palm trees, I’m a little biased in these matters. But I have to say, the sweater in which LeBron James conducted his postgame interview after the Miami Heat’s 110-87 drubbing of Milwaukee was awfully phenomenal.

It had everything you were looking for in a piece of tropically themed attire—fanciful pigeon-birds in flight, beautiful palm fronds cut off at the seams and of course, more orchids than anyone wants to see on a piece of clothing worn in public.

I wasn’t at the interview, but I like to picture those at the press conference trying to focus and write notes as wave after wave of mothball-smell radiated off the sleeves of this tropically-themed daymare as James answered their questions. 

At this point in time, it’s unclear where James picked up the wearable artwork that is this sweater, but one can only hope it involved thrift shopping, Macklemore style. 

More than likely it’s a $1,000 item from Tommy Bahamas’ secret “It’s Not a Boat, it’s a Yacht” collection, but a girl can dream, right? 

Anyways, if someone is going to get props for going unconventional with their style it’s got to be James on this occasion. Take notice Russell Westbrook, because your hipster-geek garbage and all the lensless glasses that go with it have just been played off the stage.

Seriously, bro—if you cannot wear it in a helicopter driven by your best friend who helps you fight crime—then what’s the point? 

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