The Rumor Mill (April 23-24)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 24, 2009

Hi people and welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill.
Let’s get started shall we?

Slim pickings again.

ECW Random Thoughts

-I just can’t get over Evan Bourne.
-I swear that man gets better every time I see him in action.
-He also has a knack of making mediocre wrestlers look extraordinary when they are opposing him in the ring.
-He so deserves and needs a push.
-WWE can’t afford to just let a talent like that fade away.
-What do you guys think?
-I am at a loss and still trying to figure out why Josh Matthews' comments on the match between Bourne and John Morrison were edited; all he said is that it was the match of the year and a five-star match which in my opinion it really was.
-Going to the other side of the scale, is it just me or does everyone die from boredom every time good old predictable Vladimir Kozlov enters the ring?

-Surely someone in the creative team can write this guy a personality; any personality.

-And is that really the best that England could offer up as local talent? C’mon now. That was just obscene. Thankfully the whole spectacle was over and done with in a matter of minutes.

Superstars, Diva’s, and Icons

-Shawn Michaels is still out with knee injuries.
-Predicted time of return is July.

-Kurt Angle has given a recent interview to
-He talks about how wrestling profiles are oversized.
-And how demanding his schedule is.

Here are some highlights:

“I’m listed at 6-feet-2,” he says in his deep ashcan voice. “Everyone in wrestling is four inches shorter than the program says they are.”

“It’s very grueling.”

“There’s no time off. We don’t have an offseason. That’s why it’s so difficult on wrestlers. That’s why they break down physically."

“They try to rotate them in and out so nobody gets burned out.”

Full article here

Suddenly I don't feel so short anymore.

Mick Foley has updated his MySpace account

Here are some highlights:

“Hello everybody from the new TNA champion. I never thought I'd be saying my name and "champion" in the same sentence, unless of course there was a "former" in front of it.”

“I know there is no way to make everyone happy, and from what I've gathered, not everyone is, but the best I could hope for is to work hard and hope that I was happy with the match. And I was. “

MySpace link here

-Yeah well I guess I am one of those unhappy people, still I will get over it lol.

Update on Lance Cade

-Well it looks like TNA is going to have to wait as Cade is focusing on his singles career in Japan. So much for that rumor.


JR has updated his blog and talks about his time in England and drops some nice hints on Backlash as well as answering a fan about Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

“I have a gut feeling Edge wins the World Title on Sunday night at Backlash. However, I suggest no wagering as I am rarely correct on these prognostications.“

“Friday Night Smackdown might be WWE's best all-around wrestling show.”

“I did think that the closing moments of Raw Monday were red hot with the HHH & company interactions with Legacy taking the WWE's flagship broadcast off the air with plenty of emotion and a surprising conclusion, or at least it was to me. “

“Another fan asked me if I thought that Bret and Shawn would ever "make up" and "get along" someday. I doubt if they will ever spend any quality time with each other if that's what you want to know but I also assume that both men are ready to move forward and focus on other facets in their lives than philosophical differences that occurred over a decade ago. As comedian Ron White would say, "Let it go."

Full blog here

-I agree with him time to put the whole grudge to rest.
-I am pretty sure JR gave the advice to a fan last month on this subject.

Well that’s it for today; stay turned for more rumors, news and gossip.


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