10 Worst Decisions in Luis Suarez' Career

A WriterContributor IIIApril 22, 2013

10 Worst Decisions in Luis Suarez' Career

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    Luis Suarez's career has been blighted by more controversy than Charlie Sheen during a weekend in Las Vegas. And however talented this striker is, he does not endear himself to the general public.

    The Liverpool player's footballing brain enables him to make superb decisions when it comes to actually playing the game. But as for everything else, he makes worse decisions than, well, Charlie Sheen during a weekend in Las Vegas.

    So here are the very worst that he has made so far in his career.

    And no, one of them isn't refusing to wear braces as a child.

10. F-Ulham

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    When playing at "family friendly" Fulham—they actually have a neutral stand in the ground—it's probably best not to rile the mothers and children watching the west London side.

    But he did, and he made a decision that was received as well as if he had kicked a three-legged puppy—by giving the home (or potentially neutral) supporters the middle finger.

    This was unnecessary, unprovoked, and most likely upset little Charlie in row C.

    Please note: this isn't the actual gesture; he wasn't wearing gloves at the time. He actually went to the effort of taking them off in order to get a one-match ban.

    Now that's dedication.

9. No Likey, No Shakey

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    The situation that preceded this non-event is not a laughing matter. But Suarez deciding to ignore Patrice Evra's handshake does have humor intertwined with it.

    If only due to the childish nature of it all.

    After Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Evra, if any hands were going to be ignored, it really should have been the other way round. But gracefully the Frenchman had held out an olive branch, but Suarez, mature as ever, proceeded to snap it in half, stamp on it and set fire to it.

    A great way to endear yourself to football fans, Luis.

8. Hairbrained Ideas

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    When a 19-year-old Suarez walked into a Uruguayan hairdresser salon and asked for a "Robbie Savage," I don't imagine he thought he would walk out looking like this.

    Then again, asking for a "Robbie Savage" isn't the best idea either. And neither is wearing your sister's headband.

    Short back and sides works much better for you, Luis.

7. Honesty Is Not the Best Policy

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    This was the exact moment when Luis Suarez realized that there was something the public like less than someone diving to try and win a penalty.

    And that is actually admitting that you dive to try and win a penalty.

    Suarez was reported in The Independent as telling Argentinian media:

    I was accused of falling inside the box in a match and it's true I did it that time, because we were drawing against Stoke at home and we needed anything to win it.

    So as long as you need to win, it's okay to cheat?

    Try telling that to my maths teacher. I told her the only reason I had a calculator was because I really needed to pass. But apparently that excuse doesn't cut it in the real world.

6. It Was Armless

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    You have to feel sorry for the players of Mansfield Town.

    They look like an advert for IKEA, they draw Liverpool in the FA Cup and they also have to live in Mansfield.

    But that pity was nothing compared to the moment that a player worth millions of pounds realized he couldn't score against the non-league team with his feet, and so he used his hand instead.

    Luis Suarez was vilified when that goal subsequently knocked out Mansfield Town, as everybody loves an underdog.

    And as it turns out, nobody loves a cheat who handles the ball to score a goal against said underdogs. Not even a vicar.

5. Hand of Ghana

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    But what's worse than cheating in the FA Cup? Cheating in the World Cup, of course. Because it affects, well, the world.

    Suarez put in a block that volleyball's Misty May would have been proud of when using his arms to prevent Asamoah Gyan from scoring for Ghana.

    It was seen by the referee, he did receive a red card, and a penalty was awarded. But Gyan missed it, and the African side were eliminated.

    That didn't go down so well with the Ghana supporters.

    And upsetting thousands of fans who can blow thousands of vuvuzelas outside of your hotel window in protest all night, is not really the best decision you could make.

4. The Uruguayan Dracula

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    Whether it was a love bite, or Suarez was just a bit peckish, the striker found it a good idea to bite an opponent on the neck in 2010.

    In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea. But then again, in foresight, it wasn't either.

    Firstly, it was in front of the referee. Secondly, it was televised. And thirdly, I very much doubt Otman Bakkal had any seasoning what so ever.

    Hopefully he learned his lesson that biting is bad.

3. Now Luque Here

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    Remember Albert Luque? He was that really rubbish striker Newcastle bought once.

    Ajax then bought him instead, and Luis Suarez obviously warmed to him as much as the crowd at St James' Park did; as they had a little falling out in the dressing room during a match against Feynoord.

    One can only wonder what the half-time altercation was about. Perhaps he tried to convince the Spaniard to watch The Twilight Saga in order to turn him over to the fanged side, but Luque declined and Luis got upset.

    But whatever the reason, fighting with teammates is not going to help the squad atmosphere, and he'll have received one less Christmas card that year.

2. I'll Have a Chilean Punch Please

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    Punching someone is never a good decision.

    Especially when it's on television.

    Luis really needs to start realizing that the cameras can see him doing things like this.

1. Suarez Has All-Bran for Dinner

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    As it turned out, Suarez hadn't learned his lesson.

    Like a moth to a flame, Suarez is strangely drawn to footballer's flesh. And he showed that you can indeed have your Serb, and eat it.

    Why Suarez chose to bite Branislav Ivanovic on the arm in the match against Chelsea only he knows, but he did at least apologize for his actions:

    I'm sad for what happened this afternoon, I apologize Ivanovic and all football world for my inexcusable behaviour. I'm so sorry about it!!

    — Luis Suarez (@luis16suarez) April 21, 2013

    All is not lost for the striker, however, as although he may face disciplinary action and most likely receive an angry phone call from Ivanovic's mother, he has earned a new Twitter follower; Mike Tyson.

    Any ideas why?