Josh Johnson: Video Highlights for Former Purdue CB

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistApril 27, 2013

Josh Johnson: Video Highlights for Former Purdue CB

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    Purdue's Josh Johnson may not have been the biggest name at cornerback on the team thanks to Ricardo Allen, but he's a playmaker in his own right who has some traits that could allow him to be productive in the NFL

    Johnson is a big, physical corner at 5'10" and 200 pounds. He uses his physicality to survive in mostly man coverage. 

    While Johnson does not record many interceptions, he is a physical presence who bullies receivers and does the little things that go unnoticed like disrupting the timing of a play at the line of scrimmage. 

    During his time at Purdue, Johnson did many of these things and propelled the defense to big plays. Here are a few of his big plays from his tenure with the team.  

Great Coverage vs. Iowa, 2012

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    Josh Johnson is at the bottom of your screen for this highlight, and as always, he's alone in man coverage against a bigger receiver. 

    Not a problem. 

    Johnson is not known for his speed, but he does a good job of sticking with the receiver here and making a play on the ball at the last possible second. 

    What's special about this play is that it proves Johnson can come up in the clutch. It was fourth down, his coaching staff trusted him in man coverage at the line of scrimmage and he came through in a big way, knowing he may be the target because he was technically the No. 2 corner on the field behind Ricardo Allen. 


Effective Blitz vs. Iowa, 2012

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    This time Josh Johnson is at the top of your screen while he shows off just how effective he can be as a pass-rusher from the cornerback position. 

    Johnson plays it off like he is going to drop into coverage, but then he quickly sprints into the backfield untouched and would have had a clean shot at the quarterback. 

    Instead, the quarterback attempts to loft one over Johnson's head. Johnson stays focused on the quarterback the entire way, leaps up and bats the pass down into the turf violently. 

    This is not a forced fumble or interception, but it shows how versatile Johnson can be. 

Near Interception vs. Notre Dame, 2012

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    This is how much the Purdue coaching staff trusted Josh Johnson during his time with the team—during the entire course of their matchup with Notre Dame, Johnson was used exclusively in man coverage against Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert. 

    Eifert is a top 20 prospect on most boards (such as CBS') and weighs in at 6'6" and 250 pounds. 

    Despite this, Johnson holds his own in coverage against Eifert and almost comes away with an interception. 

    Johnson's physicality is one reason the staff trusted him with the assignment. His solid athleticism almost stole one out of the hands of Eifert here. 

Near Interception vs. Notre Dame, 2012

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    Once again, Josh Johnson is tasked with defending Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert all on his own in the middle of the field. 

    Like most instances, Johnson does just fine. 

    This time Eifert is releasing out of the backfield and appears to have a step on Johnson (not to mention the size), but Johnson closes quickly, wraps around Eifert and bats the ball away. 

    The fact Johnson can handle tough assignments such as this has to bode well for his NFL future. The league is more pass-happy than ever and is experiencing a renaissance at the tight end position. 

    Johnson should fit in well. 

Forced Fumble, Recovery vs. Notre Dame, 2012

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    Did we mention Josh Johnson is one of the most physical corners in this class? 

    In the above video, Johnson is swooping in for what appears to be a routine tackle—except in the process he violently rips the football out of the ball carrier's arms and recovers it for a turnover. 

    It's even more impressive because his team was down with just over three minutes to go in the game against a ranked opponent. 

    The awareness and physicality shown above illustrate that Johnson will have no problems against the run at the next level. Rather, he appears to thrive off of it. 


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