10 Superstars Who Forever Impacted WWE

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10 Superstars Who Forever Impacted WWE
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WWE is a company that survives and thrives on the backs of the men and women who perform in the ring.  From Hulk Hogan to Stone Cold Steve Austin, from Shawn Michaels to The Undertaker, WWE has featured some true greats who built a solid foundation for the company that we know today.  

From the time that Vince McMahon took WWE to the worldwide stage, they have succeeded because of the Superstars who have made a lasting impact with both their words and their actions.  These are the workers who made WWE a must watch company and changed it forever.

Many Superstars have come and gone, but the following list contains 10 of the best, talents that I feel made a true lasting impact.  But, it is not an "all time" list, as it is directed more at the 1980's through the present day.  Because of that, it may not actually be considered a "top 10" for some out there.

So while this may not be a definitive list for every fan, it certainly contains the names of some long time favorites and perhaps even a few that you may not expect.

Again, this is about Superstars whose work made a lasting impact, an impact that is still being felt today.

Enough talking, let's do this.

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