Alvarez vs. Trout: What Experts Are Saying About 154-Pound Unification Bout

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 20, 2013

image from Stephanie Trapp of Showtime @trappfotos
image from Stephanie Trapp of Showtime @trappfotos

Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin Trout is a big deal in boxing.

Not only is it a matchup of two young, undefeated light middleweight champions, it is also a match that could be the first real showcase for the next great pay-per-view star in the sport.

Alvarez's following is humongous already, but if he knocks off Trout, he'll move to the next stratosphere.

I've already written my preview, and I predict Trout will earn a decision.

But let's see what others in the media say about the fight.

Take a look at this video that features predictions from Steve Kim of Max Boxing, Kieran Mulvaney of ESPN and Carlos Nava of ESPN Deportes.

Kim favors Trout in the fight. He cites the 27-year-old's size advantage, quickness and fluidity as the deciding factors.

I completely agree with his points. Analysts don't make enough of the fact that much of Canelo's opposition has been overblown welterweights and junior welterweights.

I fully expect Trout's size to play a role in the fight.

Mulvaney likes Canelo. He gives Trout his respect but believes that Alvarez will wear Trout down late in the fight.

He doesn't see either man being stopped but predicts Canelo winning the fight by decision. 

It is difficult for me to see a scenario where that comes to pass. Trout is the superior boxer, and he's not a runner. If he gets tagged by Alvarez, he won't retreat.

Therefore, he'd probably be stopped if things play out as Mulvaney describes. In my eyes, a KO or TKO is Alvarez's only chance to win.

Nava also likes Alvarez. He predicts Canelo will win by late stoppage and cites the influence of the largely Mexican crowd as a factor.

I certainly acknowledge the pro-Alvarez crowd will play a part in the fight, but Trout proved he could perform in a hostile environment in his last bout.

He defeated Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden, handing him his first loss in the legendary venue. Cotto fans filled the arena, but Trout seemed to relish the me-against-the-world position.

Former heavyweight champion Chris Byrd and Doug Fischer of Ring TV weigh in on the fight in the video below.

I'm not sure what Byrd's opinion is on the fight, as he forgot who Alvarez will even fight. Fischer, though, likes Alvarez in the fight because of Trout's susceptibility to the left hook and Alvarez's power.

Fischer makes good points, but he neglects to recognize how well Trout thinks in the ring.

He has a solid chin, and he won't panic if he takes a few shots early. He has the ability to adjust, and that will be one of the qualities that spurs him to victory.

So many varying opinions just makes the fight all the more interesting.

I can't wait.


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