Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Officially Divorced: We Say Goodbye

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 19, 2013

MONACO - MAY 27:  Kim Kardashian (L) and Kris Humphries (R) arrive to attend the AmberLounge Fashion Monaco 2011 on May 27, 2011 in Monaco.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian leaves the sports world far more frustrated and exhausted than when she found it, officially divorcing Brooklyn Nets big man, Kris Humphries. 

TMZ reports the fairy-tale romance between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum has finally come to an end. Their sources provide some terms of the dissolution: 

Here's what sources connected with the case tell TMZ:

-- Kris gets NO money from Kim.  As we've reported ... he had previously demanded $7 mil.

-- Kris dropped his demand for an annulment based on fraud.

-- Each party will pay their own attorney's fees.

This is not just a settlement. It's a WIN for Kim and her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser.

Yes, many of you who were perched on the edge of your respective seats can now sit back and get some sleep, because the biggest concern in your life is now over. 

Fox News was unable to confirm the same conditions on the divorce but could verify that the couple's marriage was indeed dissolved—just as soon as the papers are signed— and Kardashian is free to go off and plan another beautiful marriage featuring true love and romance, if that is indeed what she deems necessary. 

For our purposes, it's the end of a love-hate relationship with the reality-TV star who was oft taken with athletes. From Reggie Bush to Humphries, we look back at a legacy that any upstanding person would be proud to own. 

Reggie Bush - Totes Love

On the heels of a sex tape that brought Kardashian tremendous fame, the budding reality-TV star began dating then Saints running back Reggie Bush. 

The two were inseparable, until they weren't, and then they were again. The two did the on-again, off-again dance from about 2007-2010.

In 2009, Kardashian and Bush spoke to GQ Magazine:

How’d you two meet?
Kim: Matt Leinart [quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals] was dating a friend of mine, Paris Hilton. I went to the ESPY Awards with my stepdad, and Matt was sitting with Reggie. The rest is history.

So we can blame Hilton and Leinart? Good to know. 

Alas, the two would never reignite that passionate romance they shared those few short years. 

Miles Austin - Oh, Yeah. That Guy!

You all remember Miles Austin, the Cowboys receiver whose best year was in 2009, coincidentally a season before dating Kardashian?

By 2010, E! Online was reporting that America's favorite drama queen had a new boo:

And even though cameras captured their steamy kiss on the Fourth of July weekend, Kim told me she's taking it slow with her Dallas Cowboy.

But she did confess that they're "definitely dating"...

"He's in the middle of his football season and he's focused and I'm just trying to have fun and take everything really slow," she said of their current relationship status.

Translation: I am slowly sucking the life force from this athlete. The two, as we now know, wouldn't last much longer. 

Kris Humphries - True Love Lasts 72 days 

This brings us to the most important and mind-boggling relationship in Kardashian's past. Suzy Byrne of OMG! performed yeoman's work in breaking down all the particulars during a two-year romance that only felt like a decade. 

Here are the highlights (lowlights?) via Byrne:

November 2010: After briefly dating male model Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's ex), Kardashian meets the NBA basketball player while she's filming "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" and they start dating.

That is when even the most ardent basketball fan mumbled, "Kris who?":

May 18, 2011: Kardashian arrives at her Beverly Hills home to find Humphries in her bedroom, on bended knee, with "Will You Marry Me?" written out in rose petals.

The feeling of nausea is indeed mutual:

October 9 and 10, 2011: "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" airs and it's a ratings hit, drawing 4.4 million viewers the first night and 4 million the second.

Armed with just 90 days of engagement, the two were ready to tackle the immense commitment that is sharing a love for a lifetime. 

Yeah, 72 days later, Kardashian kicked Humphries to the curb. Only, the NBA star wouldn't go easily, keeping the farce of a relationship going from late October, 2011 to Friday, April 19, 2013. 

Some people just don't break up well. 

With that, we can say goodbye to a woman who has featured in so many athlete updates and WAG articles, a woman who draws as much attention as she does groans. 

Kardashian leaves the sports world, possibly for good. Not sure how we will manage, but we will try. 

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