Hulk Hogan and the Dumbest Reasons People Use to Hate TNA

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Hulk Hogan and the Dumbest Reasons People Use to Hate TNA
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It amazes me that TNA Impact gets as much hate as it does.

I totally understand not liking the company because it's just not your thing. It's a free country after all. My issue is with the people who hate TNA, which is an entirely different thing.

The company has grown exponentially in recent years, has exploded in popularity internationally and is slowly creeping up the relevancy scale to a place where McMahon and Co. at the WWE should feel, at least, slightly uneasy. The promotion has not only trimmed the fat of a bloated 12 pay-per-view yearly schedule, but has also cast aside its sedentary past and hit the road.  

However, despite these advancements and despite providing quality wrestling on a weekly basis, the company seems to be unable to win over their many detractors. You know them. They're the guys and gals that log onto Bleacher Report and click the TNA tab simply to complain about the product many of us enjoy as a healthy alternative to the WWE's near monopoly.

But here's the thing: some of the reasons for their dislike aren't even close to valid, and some are just all-around stupid.

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